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Lindsey Taylor announces the publication of his fourth book, Snow in Spring.  A drug dealer is killed in a drive-by shooting, and the only witness fingers Jonathan Hendricks, the Harvard-educated manager of the Geoplistacali Fund,  a hedge fund that investigating officer, Morris County Det. “Arnie” Arnold, soon discovers is having serious financial problems.  Arnie’s murder investigation is constantly interrupted by bumbling DEA agents Allen and Brady, who are following Arnie in hopes of gathering evidence that Hendricks is dealing drugs on the side.   


            While trying to track down the killer, Arnie and his lawyer fiancée Melinda Devereaux plan their wedding, hopefully without interference from their families, as well as Allen and Brady.  Arnie met Melinda while investigating the death of a universally hated partner in her law firm in Taylor’s first book Good Riddance, and took the relationship to the next level in The Green Team, while investigating the death of an environmental activist whose organic milk for his free-trade coffee was laced with all-natural poison.  The pair became engaged in Taylor’s third book, Repeat as Necessary, as Arnie investigated the murder of two attorneys engaged in a multi-million dollar fee fight.


Good Riddance, The Green Team, Repeat as Necessary, and Snow in Spring are all available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in print and e-book versions. Print copies of Good Riddance and Repeat as Necessary are also available at Sages Pages in Madison and Good Riddance is available at the Montclair Book Center in Montclair.  Free excerpts of each are available on the author’s Goodreads page.


Contact information:


Email:  ltaylorlaw@hotmail.com or info@lindseytaylorbooks.com

Website:  www.lindseytaylorbooks.com


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