St Peter Claver hosts Señor de Los Milagros Celebration

St Peter Claver Parishioners Process with Senor de Los Milagros
St Peter Claver Parishioners Process with Senor de Los Milagros

Senor de Los Milagros – “Lord of Miracles” – is one of the most celebrated Roman Catholic holidays in Peru.  Hundreds of thousands of Peruvians flock to the streets to honor the miraculous survival of a 17th century painting of the crucifixion that has withstood several devastating earthquakes. The painting, which was created by an Angolan slave, continues to serve as a powerful testament to God’s protection and healing. 


St. Peter Claver church in Montclair has planned several events to mark this important celebration. On Saturday October 19 at 7pm, the church will hold a special rosary service at the church to meditate before the feast day. Father Wilder Delgado from Huancabelica, Peru, along with St. Peter Claver’s own priest, Father Zephyrin Katompa. will celebrate the mass on Sunday October 20 at 11:00 am.  Following the mass, parishioners clad in purple robes will carry a copy of the revered image throughout the streets and sing traditional hymns.  The celebration concludes with a luncheon and ballet folklorico performance in the church’s Martin Luther King Hall.


Known as “a diverse spiritual community in action,” St. Peter Claver is home to active Haitian and Latino ministries.  The church offers masses in Creole and Spanish.  Come see and feel the vibrant community for yourself and join in the Senor de Los Milagros celebration.


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