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Is Montclair's $1M Brick Road Worth Saving?

Township has placed repaving project for Afterglow Way on hold to gather more feedback from residents.

Montclair's plans to convert a crumbling brick road to asphalt in the township's Third Ward have been placed on hold after residents have argued the current surface should preserved.

However, it would cost about $1 million to raise Afterglow Way to code and replace the bricks compared to approximately $25,000 to repave the street with asphalt, according to MY9NJ.com. Afterglow Way is a small street between Lloyd Road and Afterglow Avenue.

One resident, Tom O’Beirne, who owns a paving company, even offered a crew to do the repaving work plus nearby Parkhurst Place free of charge, according to My9NJ.com. The town was prepared to convert the roadway to asphalt this summer until some Afterglow Way residents argued the street should remain brick.

Councilman Sean Spiller said the repaving project has been placed on hold until the township can gather input from more residents.

Considering the significant difference in price, should Montclair taxpayers be responsible for preserving the brick road? Tell us in the comments.

joseph tomaro June 04, 2014 at 06:08 PM
i'm all for historical preservation and the beauty it can offer. but, not at the expense of public safety and continued deterioration....let it go...pave it!
LisaD1978 June 04, 2014 at 09:00 PM
I have professionally and personally known Tom O'Beirne for over 30 years. In reading many of the comments on this site and Baristanet, Mr. O'Beirne has been viewed in a negative light. Mr. O'Beirne is a kind, thoughtful, intelligent and extremely generous man. Afterglow Way is in desparate need of repair. Mr. O'Beirne is simply voicing this fact and attempting to have the street on which he and his family reside repaired to a safe condition for all who use this street. He has no agenda other than to live on a street which is safe to travel on, something we all want. Mr. O'Beirne wants his street repaired, regardless if it is bricked or paved. Do no lose site of the fact that Mr. O'Beirne has generously offered to donate $50,000 towards the brick repair or to provide the manpower for paving at no charge to the township of Montclair. The residents of Montclair are fortunate to have Tom O'Beirne as part of their community. How many other residents have demonstrated generosity similar to that of Mr. O'Beirne? Mr. O'Beirne I applaud you as should all the citizens of Montclair.
Allyse walker June 05, 2014 at 12:42 AM
Bottom line, Afterglow is in terrible shape. It is in desperate need of repair. It is unsafe in wet conditions. It is a hazard. This road needs to be paved. $1,000,000 of taxpayers money is absurd to restore the old brick. The property owners in this town are paying too much in taxes as it is. Tom O'breine should be applauded for his willingness to step up and help out. More citizens should be like him. He wants the road he lives on, to be improved. He improved his property, he has made a more than generous offer. This is absolutely craziness. Something needs to be done to improve the conditions of Afterglow. Weigh your options, come to your senses, put personal vendettas aside, PAVE the road, Move on.
David Porkroll June 09, 2014 at 09:42 PM
As with anything in life, beauty comes with a price. It seems that the cost of repairing a road that isn't safe to walk or even drive on in certain months for the sake of appeasing a few residents who more than likely aren't even accessing the roadway in question, isn't worth the time or aggravation that has been caused. If other residents aren't willing to share the cost, why should the burden fall on one resident or the taxpayers of Montclair? The town should proceed with the original plan of replacing the roadway to a safer more cost effective material.
Christian Turek June 12, 2014 at 04:01 PM
Considering the state of many streets after this winter it would be nice to use some of that million to repave other roads. Historic preservation is important, but the priority needs to be having safe and drivable streets throughout the town, not just on one street. The Watching area is full of potholes and bad (or old) patches. If the residents of Afterglow really want to preserve their bricks they should contribute to the repair.


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