Montclair Planet Smoothie Owners Appear on ABC

Healthy has a new taste with some of the Planet Smoothie drinks offered in Montclair.

Estelle and Dale Williams with anchors Michelle Charlesworth and Rob Nelson.
Estelle and Dale Williams with anchors Michelle Charlesworth and Rob Nelson.

Dale and Estelle Williams, owners of Tasti D Lite and Planet Smoothie in Montclair, appeared on WABC recently to discuss their smoothie line.

With 10 smoothies under 300 calories, Planet Smoothie uses a sweetener called Lean Leaf, a mix of Agave and Stevia that makes each smoothie taste sweet, while keeping the calorie count low.

Every smoothie uses real fruits to keep the drink high in fiber. Many of the smoothies also incorporate greens like kale, that are healthy but don't always taste so great. 

Banana and pineapple are two fruits, high in fiber and high in protein that help to mask the taste of the greens while keeping the taste intact. 

Some smoothies have up to 12 grams of protein in them, delivered through through yogurt, protein packs or protein powder.

The Williams’ showed two popular smoothies, the Piña Colada that has coconut and nonfat milk in powder form, as well as the CrazyBee which includes honey, mango and strawberries.

To see the segment on WABC  click here.

Planet Smoothie is located at 349 Bloomfield Ave.


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