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Montclair Public Library Launches October Film Series

Showings are Wednesdays in October at 1 p.m.


The Montclair Public Library is pleased to announced it will be showing films at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays in its Auditorium through the month of October at no charge.

October 3: Kings Row. 1942. Starring Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings and Ronald Reagan Five children in a provincial American small town find their lives changing as the years pass near the turn of the century in 1900. Parris and Drake, both of whom have lost their parents, are best friends; Parris dreams of becoming a doctor, studying under the father of his sweetheart Cassie, while Drake plans on becoming a local businessman when he receives his full inheritance - juggling girlfriends in the meantime. As they become adults, the revelations of local secrets threaten to ruin their hopes and dreams.

October 10: Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison. 1957. Starring Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum. In 1944, Marine Corps Cpl. Allison finds himself washed ashore on a small island in the Pacific with the only other inhabitant Sister Angela, a Catholic nun who herself only arrived a few days before with a priest. Over time, they find the island to be deserted and the priest dead. Allison soon falls in love with Sister Angela, but theirs is a relationship that is not meant to be and their situation soon changes when Japanese troops arrive on the island.

October 17: Here Comes Mr. Jordan. 1941. Starring Robert Montgomery and Claude Rains. Unfortunately, boxer Joe Pendleton dies in a plane crash on his way to the fight that will put him on the top. However, head angel Mr. Jordan discovers that Joe was taken too early and still has 50 years left before his final journey. A world-wide search for a suitable "specimen" for Joe to inhabit leads to banker Bruce Farnsworth, a man about to be murdered. But when Mr. Jordan puts Joe into Farnsworth, Joe falls in love with Bette Logan, rights Farnsworth’s wrongs, and uses the body to build up and get back into the fight game.

October 24: The Devil and Daniel Webster. 1941. Starring Edward Arnold, Walter Huston, and Jane Darwell. A down-on-his-luck farmer makes a deal with the devil for seven years of prosperity. When Mr. Scratch comes to collect, orator and hero of the common man Daniel Webster comes to therescue. Based on the short story by Stephen Vincent Benet. Also known as "All That Money Can Buy."

October 31 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: The Innocents. 1961. Starring Deborah Kerr. In Victorian England, the uncle of orphaned niece Flora and nephew Miles hires Miss Giddens as governess to raise the children at his estate with total independence and authority. Soon after her arrival, Miss Giddens comes to believe that the spirits of the former governess Miss Jessel and valet Peter Quint are possessing the children and decides to help the children face and exorcise the spirits.


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