Tips for Dealing with Local Potholes

Residents can also call the Department of Community Services to report potholes.

Potholes caused by freeze and thaw cycles during the winter and early spring months have caused potholes in roadways all over Montclair and township officials are asking for the public's help in tracking down local nuisances. 

"Potholes seem to appear out of nowhere and, if hit, can cause damage to vehicle tires and wheels," the Department of Community Services said in a release.

The DCS offered the following tips to help avoid vehicle damage due to potholes:

  • Stay alert, do not drive distracted.
  • Keep to posted speed limits to lessen the impact if you hit a pothole and to increase your chance to slow down or dodge the pothole.
  • Be wary of puddles in roadways as they can be hiding a pothole.
  • Be aware of areas where potholes seem to be more common.
  • Also be aware that the low profile performance tires and aluminum rims on many new cars and SUVs are more susceptible to damage caused by hitting potholes.

During this time of year, unless it is raining or snowing, Department of Community Services road crews are out on a daily basis repairing potholes as they are reported, checking areas where potholes regularly appear and repairing random potholes noticed in their daily sweeps throughout town, according to township officials.

Residents can help the township identify potholes by calling the DCS office at 973.509.5711.

Due to a severe winter the number of potholes on the roadways is much greater than in the past; the township has hired outside contractors to assist with pothole repairs, according to the DCS.

Potholes are usually repaired by filling the hole with an asphalt mix. However, in the colder winter and early spring months the traditional “hot” asphalt mix is not manufactured and crews have to rely on a “cold” or winter asphalt mix. This type of asphalt mix provides an immediate repair but does not last as long as the preferred “hot” asphalt mix. Over the winter months the same pothole can be repaired several times until it is more permanently repaired with hot mix in the summer months. 

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