Want To Be A Girl Scout Leader?

This was submitted by Girl Scout leader Mary Emanuelli.

This year Girl Scouts USA is celebrating 100 year of girl scouting. During this 100 years, women were given the right to vote, managed the home front during two World Wars, and learned they could hold successful careers in whatever field they chose.

Over the years Girl Scouts USA saw its members go to college and graduate school in ever increasing numbers. It saw its girls become CEOs, Supreme Court Justices, teachers, nurses, mothers, and community activists.

As a second generation Girl Scout, and with my daughters now being third generation Girl Scouts, I thing the most important thing Girl Scouts USA has given me and my children is the opportunity to give of ourselves.

Together we are learning to give our time and talents freely to help others, forge friendships and make a difference in our lives and others lives. We are having a tremendous amount of fun along the way, trying things we never would have tried and  meeting people we never would have met.

I am hoping other adults would like to become a part of GSUSA and lead a Girl Scout troop too. It’s not hard and it takes so much less time than you think.

There is a meeting on Monday, October 15 from 7:30-8:30 at the Montclair Public Library for any adults who want to learn about what is involved in being a Girl Scout leader.

Girl Scout leaders will be on hand to talk about their experiences of being leaders, how to start a troop and how to run a troop. We hope many will join and keep Girl Scouts strong for another 100 years. 


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