Wayne Robbins Goes "Inside Montclair"

Find out a bit more about the talented, friendly man behind the camera.


Ever wonder who that amiable guy with the hat is who walks around Montclair, interviewing business owners and chatting with passers-by? It's Wayne Robbins, an independent producer whose minutes-long "Inside Montclair" segments—published on Montclair Patch and elsewhere—have introduced viewers to all the town has to offer.

Robbins became intrigued by video production after graduating from Rutgers University in Newark. He's been captivating audiences ever since.

Montclair Patch recently asked Robbins, originally from Fair Lawn, a few questions about his work.

Q) Tell us a bit about your background ... what was your first job?

A) My background lead me into my first related job, which I've been doing for almost 40 years. I have a bachelors in psychology from Rutgers, which lead me into producing commercials for cable TV. I then produced fashion shows for buyers in New York City, coordinated fashion segments for both The Morning Show and The Joe Franklin Show (remember him?), and acted as an on-air co-host for both shows in presenting those segments.

Q) How did you get involved in production?

A) I ended up airing a few of the fashion shows on local cable TV, got a great response from viewers, and started a show called "Inside Fashion" dealing with health, beauty, and fashion, which aired on cable TV in New Jersey for over 15 years.

Q) How did "Inside Montclair" come about?

A) When I moved to Montclair, over 35 years ago, I was looking for a new cable show to host and produce. Montclair provided an endless amount of topics, from food to fashion to fantastic activities and events. "Inside Montclair," a 30-minute show, aired on Local Access Channel 34 for almost 15 years. Segments of "Inside Montclair can now be seen on Montclair Patch.

Q) Where can people see your previous segments now?

A) The best place to see past segments of my work would be on my channel—22videoguy22 on YouTube.

Q) What are the things you most like about Montclair?

A) What I most love about Montclair is the music, art, theater, restaurants, activities/events. And the folks that work and live here. I'm still walking around town, taping shows, and getting to be involved with all that I mentioned above. How can one beat that? It's the best place to live and work. 

Patricia Landers October 05, 2012 at 01:50 AM
Great videos, Wayne. Pat Landers


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