Film Review: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Stirring movie now playing at the Clairidge Cinema


Many of us read—and were charmed by—the unusual first novel written by Paul Torday titled Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

And now that novel has been made into a moving film that, according to a review in the Huffington Post, has done for fishing what Norman Mailer did for boxing when he brought understanding to the sport by writing The Fight.

 You might wonder how anyone could make an interesting movie about a sport as boring as fly fishing?

According to the review, "This is near to impossible, but director Lasse Hallstrom has succeeded and then some. Faith. This film is about faith and patience and the beauty of these qualities experienced in the splendor of Scotland and Morocco that represents the Yemen. Ewan McGregor (Dr. Alfred Jones) is sensitive and appealing as the dictatorial scientist who has lost touch with faith."

Also starring in the film is Emily Blunt and Kristin Scott Thomas, both of whom deliver stirring performances.

To read the entire review go here.

To see the film head over to the Clairidge Cinema on Bloomfield Avenue. For showtimes go here.


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