Montclair Academy of Dance Offers Classes For Students With All Needs

The director recently returned from Slovenia where she premiered Guernica Continuum.


the artistic director at Montclair Academy for Dance and Laboratory of Music (MADLOM), recently returned from Slovenia where she premiered Guernica Continuum, a film-theater project, at the Europe Capital of Culture Festival.

Performers included MADLOM alumna Ayana Workman, as well as performers with special needs, including Masa Godina, an artist with cerebral palsy, and Simon Schrebinek, an amputee. Milenovic-Workman used music from Montclair’s own Reggie Workman and Matthew Garrison.

The uniqueness of the summer performances of Guernica Continuum is that from the film’s June premiere in the United States, it moved to the staged production this August in Slovenia, where the characters from the film continue their journey. Guernica, a singer with cerebral palsy, helps transform all the characters’ passive perception of the world into general human empowerment. A young amputee, Teddy, joins her in her fight for unconditional freedom.

Maya Milenovic-Workman is excited to continue the energy from this summer’s public performances in her on-going work at MADLOM where she works at establishing connections between live sound and moving images – in film, stage, and life.

As Artistic Director of MADLOM, Milenovic-Workman is empowering students ages three through eighteen in finding their own creative voices while practicing artistic and critical thinking. To Maya, choreography is today’s new renaissance in arts:  it is engaging in a vibrant process of articulation in many areas of our concerns. 

Montclair Academy of Dance offers classes for pupils with all needs at 40 South Fullerton Avenue, in the First Congregational Church Studio. Classes in Djimbe & Conga & Poetry, Choreography, Modern Dance, Ballet, Tap, as well as special Saturday workshops (conga, hip hop, special needs drum, tap are starting now. For more information, call (973) 746 3522 or e-mail Mayamw18@yahoo.com. See the current class schedule at: www.mad-lom-nsn.org

This information is from a press release issued by the Montclair Academy of Dance. 



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