READ THIS: Only If You Are Trying To Save Your Home

If you are at your wits end on what to do with your home situation, here's a thought.

It may be getting (or already got) harder and harder for you to pay your mortgage, maybe your loan modification is not what you thought, maybe you have received a foreclosure notification or two, maybe you are not getting a response from your bank(s); whatever the reason, you are now at your wits end on how you can continue to afford the home you are living in and are about to give up.

If you want to try to save your home or at least stay in it as long as possible, before you call a real estate agent like me and Bob Meaux, let me give you one point of advice: make sure you have researched all of your rights with Josh Denbeaux.

I know, it sounds counterproductive for me, a real estate agent, to tell you NOT TO CALL ME TO LIST YOUR HOME FOR SALE; but it’s not. Our job is to provide people who become our clients the best real estate sales consultation possible by us. Sometimes the advice will be it’s not time for you to sell or it does not look like it is to your benefit to sell based on your circumstances so let’s double check with a noted attorney or two. I strongly believe checking with a couple of attorneys is so vital to anyone in this position of uncertainty before working with any real estate agent or making any other decision that I want to scream this info from the rooftop to those like you who aren’t our clients (yet), as well.

As professional real estate agents we are always supposed to ask if you have considered all of your home options like a loan modification, deed in lieu (the process of transfering ownership of a home from the homeowner to the mortgage lender to avoid foreclosure proceedings), etc. before proceeding with a short sale. Bob and I have attorneys who specialize in short sales and together we can get them closed and done; but now I have had the fortune to also meet an attorney who I will probably never sit across a table with to complete a real estate transaction I represent.

I now suggest him highly because of what I have seen thus far in his integrity, his breadth of knowledge and in his sheer ability to be able to figure out not just what a bank is doing wrong, but to also have the stamina and power to fight it. He tells it like it is, lets you clearly know your options and in many, many cases has been able to get resolutions on loan modifications and foreclosures that help homeowners far more than they ever thought possible.

I’ve always heard of scams where people promise to save your home only if you pay X amount of dollars so I never trust “saviour” stories out there. But I put Josh Denbeaux of Denbeaux and Denbeaux, http://www.denbeauxlaw.com/josh_denbeaux.php in a total different category and class far beyond this. He has a free consultation with you where he provides an honest review of your options and potential action plans based on what he has done already.

As noted on his website Josh is:

“one of the partners of the law firm Denbeaux & Denbeaux, a consumer rights and advocacy law firm … has been leading the fight against illegal foreclosures, and the rights of New Jersey homeowners.”

Josh doesn’t know I’m writing this and I don’t get anything from him or anyone else for doing so; you don’t even have to tell him you are calling because you read this. It just sickens me at the things I see neighbors near and far experience at the hands of banks and I want to make sure before you throw in the towel, you’ve tried it all if you want to try to stay in your home.

If your option does become a short sale, contact us the Bev and Bob Homes Team and we’ll get you through the process as fast as possible; but if it’s not, I hope to never hear from you until you are calling me for a real estate sales consultation to buy or to sell your home and that of your friends as a regular sale.

Disclaimer: I am providing a contact based on what I have learned of Josh and this does not constitute a client relationship. You must seek legal counsel from the attorney you so choose as to how you want to proceed.

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