Will A Beloved Montclair Pet Store Stay Open?

Iggy's will stay afloat at least through the end of this month.


A beloved local pet store known for its rescue of hundreds of dogs and cats over the last five years will remain open—at least through the end of this month—thanks to a recent boost in business.

In early August,  an article about how  on Valley Road in Upper Montclair might have to close due to a 50 percent drop in customers.

"People go to Petco now to get their pet supplies or they just buy them at the big supermarkets," owner Danny Heaps said at the time.

But now the future looks brighter for Iggy's, which has adopted out four kittens in the last three weeks.

"I wanted to let everyone know that Iggy's Place is still alive, in large part thanks to Montclair Patch," Heaps said. "Ever since [the Patch] story ran about a month ago, business has picked up significantly.

"Although we are by no means out of the danger zone, we are alive and we will at least be open until the end of September," he said. "If things continue along this new and better path, I hope to at least keep it open to the end of the year and go from there."

Iggy's is the only pet shop in Upper Montclair and it's only one of two in Montclair. Montclair Feed & Pet Supply is located at 191 Glenridge Avenue in Montclair.

Although Heaps posted a "For Rent" sign on his door in early August, he has always maintained that nothing would make him happier than to keep the store open.



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