The Montclair Winter Farmers’ Market is Back

News of the market's re-emergence surfaced Tuesday.

Hunger Construction on Walnut Street, March 15/Photo via Devil Gourmet
Hunger Construction on Walnut Street, March 15/Photo via Devil Gourmet

By John Lee/Devil Gourmet

In what can only be described as a victory for the people of Montclair, the Winter Farmers’ Market, affectionately known as the “Underground Market” will reopen at the Walnut Street Train Station this Saturday March 22 after a short hiatus.

Devil Gourmet reported last week that the Market, an off-season fixture of the township for several years was abruptly closed after a complaint about a safety issue. The Devil Gourmet story “Farmers’ Market Closed, Montclair Families Devastated” featured the reactions and feelings of the very people who use the market as a source of grocery items for their families. While everyone’s story was unique, they all had common themes: a passion for supporting local farmers, access to organic items, and prices that were well below the supermarkets. Of course everyone agreed that the market is a great place to meet neighbors in a friendly environment.

The Market Will Be Filled With Vendors This Weekend

Devil Gourmet was tipped off to the news about the market from local farmer Jim Matarazzo. A fixture of the market since its inception, Matarazzo said “Thank you mayor and council. The Montclair Market is one of the oldest in the state.” He added that the markets “started with ‘Morristown Buy Local Buy Fresh’ over 20 years ago.” Jim is wintering in Florida right now, but plans to be at his usual location right at the entrance of the market soon. He will have plants and seedlings for the garden and then flowers for Easter. 

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Christopher Cheplic March 18, 2014 at 10:36 PM
First world problems. There are people foraging for fresh water in the Sudan right now, but let's discuss how devastating the closure of the farmer's market is to the largely upscale community of Montclair. In fact, the manager of the market is so distraught that he's going on a "Mexican holiday" soon to get away from all the despair. You wanna see things get real bad? Close that methadone clinic on Walnut and those shitums'll be tearing up that little league field and the artisanal restaurants all the way up to the Park Street looking for a fix.
Dbc March 19, 2014 at 08:46 AM
Wow...what brought on that rant? Doesn't add anything to this story WhatSoEver!!


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