Montclair Woman Shocked to Find Box Cutter in ShopRite Breadcrumbs

No one injured in bizarre incident, report says.

One Montclair woman got a sharp surprise last month when she says she found a box cutter in a can of breadcrumbs from a Bloomfield grocery store.

Amirah Toler-Stoute initially mistook the knife for a scoop, but soon discovered what was really packaged in the Italian-style breadcrumbs, according to a report on northjersey.com.

No one was hurt by the box cutter, Toler-Stoute said, and the woman reported the incident to the ShopRite in Bloomfield where the item was purchased.

The supermarket gave her a box cutter-free replacement canister and the item’s manufacturer sent her a $10 coupon, according to the report. 


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