Secrets of a Healthy Lifestyle!

Secrets of a healthy lifestyle, these 5 tips!

1.  Balance your diet

​You need to get enough of the right foods including colorful fruits and vegetables, protein, good carbohydrates and just enough good fats for the taste you want.  You also need vitamins, minerals and fiber from a high quality dietary supplement to provide the nutrition missing from your diet, especially when your goal is to lose weight. ​

"I enjoy having  protein throughout the day to keep me full and maintain lean muscle mass.  Fruits and veggies with a quality source of protein are my favorite when snacking.  A good source of a quality fish oil is necessary given the body doesn't manufacture it on its own."​

2.  Exercise regularly

​Regular exercise can help you feel and look your best.  Exercise conditions your hear, relieves stress and makes it easier to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. ​

"I like to mix it up. Cardio 3-days per week, resistance exercise 2-days per week, spending time in the yard on a Saturday and winding down on Sunday keeps me motivated for the entire week! Some of my best ideas come during my morning run."

​3.  Drink lots of water!​

Your body is about two-thirds water.  In an average day, you lose at least one pint of water even without excessive sweating.  To feel your best, you should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. ​

"I have a little more than 12 ounces of water 5 times per day.  I sleep through the night without the need to get up for those frequent bathroom breaks."​

4.  Spend time with family and friends. 

A hectic schedule creates a hectic life.  Life is short.  Take the time to laugh a little.  Hugs are great too.​  Party and have a great time

"I make sure to get out once per week just to nurture those important relationships.  Family time is sometimes a movie with popcorn at home  going over goals with the hubby.  Chatting it up with a good friend over the phone is fun activity while doing the dishes"​​

5.  Spend time with YOU!

​​Take time out to hear what you have to say?​

"Sometimes when riding in the car alone, the radio seems like company but instead it's just background noise creating mind clutter.  When I turn it from ON to OFF, I can hear my best self speaking words of wisdom.  Sometimes it's even nice to go to a movie alone."​

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