Montclair Still Holds Great Appeal For New York Transplants

An article in the Wall Street Journal highlights Montclair's many good qualities


Montclair's mix of a growing arts scene, its lively downtown and architectural charms have made it one of the more popular destinations for New York transplants looking to New Jersey for more living space.

Or so says an article on Montclair real estate in the Wall Street Journal.

The article raves about the parks, restaurant scene, and the fact that Montclair is home to institutions such as Montclair State University. The article also notes the benefits of the Midtown Direct train service.

However, there's a downside.

"The property taxes, however, are comparatively high in Montclair. That average tax bill in 2011 for the town was about $16,000 compared with the statewide average of $8,000, according to state Department of Community Affairs figures," the article said.

To read the entire article go here.


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