People Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Pet

Make sure your pup or cat avoids getting sick with these quick tips!


This blog was written by Colleen O'Neill.

As Thanksgiving is upon us, those of you that have pets in your busy holiday home know what usually happens, the cat or the dog end up getting overfed by 10 different guests at your holiday gathering, because they show that same cute, fuzzy, begging face to every person, and act as if they haven't been fed all day.

Dogs especially have this act perfected, they should win Academy Awards for Best Actor/Actress, since they know all they have to do is walk up and wag a tail and soon enough they get a little bit off of everyone's plate.  They just keep moving down the line, greeting each of your guests until they've gotten something from everyone.

Soon enough they have a full stomach of foods they shouldn't be eating to begin with and then you've got a sick pup or cat on your hands.  Here are some tips on which people foods are either toxic or unhealthy for your pets, not only for Thanksgiving, but for everyday.

ASPCA's Guide to People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pet:  http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/people-foods.aspx

I hope you, your family and pets have a great Thanksgiving!

-- Colleen


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