Township Releases Docs About Nishuane Park Well Proposal

The Patch has provided an up to date list of information about the project which you can access online.


Montclair Township has released documents about the proposed Nishuane Park water well project. 

The township has held two public meetings last week about building a proposed water well facility in Nishaune Park. During those public meetings, and the council meeting held on Tuesday, residents cited numerous times the difficulty in attaining documents about the project. 

Below is an up to date list of all the reports and information from the township about the project. 

Also, the following links will bring you to the Montclair Patch's coverage of the previous meetings. 

Township Wants To Place New Water Well on Protected Parkland

Nishuane Well Project Gets Backlash from Vocal Residents

Residents Reject Water Well Proposed for Nishuane Park


Township Documents

Nishuane Well deed document from Accurate Abstracts

Insurance Services Office survey for Montclair Fire Department, May, 2012.

State permit to allow Nishuane Well to be used for potable water, dated March 14, 2012.

May 2000 Grading Sheet for Montclair Township Fire Department.

Insurance Services Office survey for Montclair Fire Department, February, 1989.

January 6, 1986 letter from NJ DEP Division of Water Resources acknowledging well status change from public supply to monitoring well.

July 5, 1983 Township Department of Public Works Water Operating Memorandum from Carl Guerrina to Jack Ferraro regarding North Jersey water allotment overdraft concerns.

NJ DEP Division of Water Resources Well Record form data, December 20, 1982.

Results from well testing conducted December 13, 1982 by Samuel Stothofi Co.

Montclair Water Operating division memo with NJ DEP permit to drill Nishuane Well, dated October 13, 1982.

Township Resolution awarding contract for drilling, casing, development, sealing and testing of Nishuane Well, dated August 17, 1982.

Legal Notice Advertisement for Bids for drilling, casing, development, sealing and testing of Nishuane Well, dated July 22, 1982.

Internal memo to Councilor Reilly with bid advertisement for Nishuane Well drilling, casing, development, sealing and testing. Dated July 20, 1982.

NJ DEP Geology Report dated November 10, 1981, regarding possible well locations.

Memo dated October 26, 1981 recommending Nishuane Park over Porter Park and Warman Street Property for optimal well site.

Internal memo dated August 14, 1981 recommending Nishuane Park over Porter Park for well location.

Montclair Township Council meeting minutes entry for Nishuane Well drilling, casing, development, sealing and testing contract award approval.

christopher swenson January 25, 2013 at 11:45 AM
What's missing here are the most relevant documents for the proposed project: the Level 2 Enviinmental Report prepared by Suburban Consulting Engineers, the application Montclair made to the state for in late 2011 to put the well in service (also prepared by SCE, I think) and the resolutions authorizing the hiring of SCE and the initiation of this new project. The Level 2 Environment Report was the subject of the two public hearings last week but very few people had access to he report. The report was deliveredbto the town in 0ctober 2012. A copy was available in the clerks office before the meetings but several people were told copies could not be made or taken from the office. Why don't we have a resolution that says that any time one of these expert firms has a contract with the to produce a report, the report is delivered in PDF format as well as in writing? All of these reports are in digital form at the consulting companies. For the hundreds of thousands we pay to them, I think they can afford it.
Hakika DuBose January 25, 2013 at 12:22 PM
Hi Chris! Good point!
christopher swenson January 25, 2013 at 03:06 PM
You don't think I'm stretching it?
Lingard Knutson January 28, 2013 at 12:15 PM
I find it interesting that the Town puts these documents up on the web one week into a 2 week comment period - NOT before the hearings so that the public could understand the project fully, attend the hearing with that information, and then prepare an informed letter for either the NJDEP Green Acres Division and/or the NJDEP Water Quality Infrastructure Finance Division. Note also that these documents were only available piecemeal at the Library and Town Hall. On January 20th, the Library only had the Green Acres Diversion Application, but not the Level 2 Environmental Review for the Infrastructure Financing. And even now, on the web, the Level 2 Environmental Report and Project Report (both part of the Infrastructure Loan Application) are missing. The Township of Montclair has behaved badly with regard to information disclosure to the public, or even acting as if they care what the public thinks.


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