Holiday Shopping in Montclair: Staff Picks From Just Kidding Around

This is the second in a series of gift guides created by local merchants.

Nissa and her son's pick: Janod Crazy Dog Cart
Nissa and her son's pick: Janod Crazy Dog Cart
Shopping for children at Christmas can be daunting task. What's new? What's hot? What's age appropriate?

That's why we turned to the experts at Montclair's Just Kidding Around.

The young-at-heart employees at this neighborhood toy store shared these staff picks for the best toys of the season. 

Christina loves the Storytime Toys play sets. Each set features a 
classic story with an interactive twist for ages 3 and up. Build the scene and reenact each story with this beautifully illustrated kit. Turn story time into play time!

Paul is dreaming of building his own Loog Guitar. This 3-stringed guitar comes in a kit that allows you to build your own wooden guitar. This is a real instrument that allows you to play chords and virtually any song. A great beginner instrument that features the challenge of construction as well! Great for ages 7 and up, or anyone who would like to learn about music!

Austin hopes to find a Litehawk Impulse Helicopter underneath the Christmas tree this year! Infrared controller and full gyro stabilization provide you with smooth consistent flight. The Litehawk Impulse Helicopter comes fully assembled, along with a soft touch transmitter, spare blades and a handy USB charger too! Pilots ages 8 and up will love this one!

 and her son have tons of fun with the  Janod Crazy Dog Cart. Load up your toys and take a spin with this adorable pup cart! Great for toddlers and wobblers ages 12 months and up. Woof woof!

 has been building amazing structures with the Tegu Blocks. These heirloom quality wooden magnetic blocks are safe for even the youngest architects, but are enjoyed by all! Tegu Blocks come in several great colors!
 will be making cards and holiday gifts with the Orb Factory Etch-N-Press Kit. A wonderful introduction to printmaking for budding artists ages 4 and up, this kit features kid-friendly rollers and blocks for a new way to illustrate all of your ideas!

Mallory hopes that you will pop-pop the keys on the Pop! Pop! Piano. A fantastic gift for any little one 12 months and up who loves to make fun noises. Press the keys and watch as the colorful stars pop around with silly noises!

Laura thinks that Tagamoto is a new take on how you'll play with cars!  Resuable barcodes on the track combined with scanners on the cars allow you to code the road! Great for any vehicle enthusiast aged 4 and up.

Kyle is sure that Shaving In The Tub is perfect for bath-time fun! Let your children groom themselves after using one of our many fake mustache kits! Great for young gentlemen and budding beauties ages 3 and up. 

Julie wants to play Forbidden Desert with you! Work with your fellow players to recover the pieces of the an ancient flying machine in this cooperative game. But be quick — a sandstorm is coming and you'll need to escape before it buries you for good! Adventurers ages 10 and up will enjoy this cooperative game.

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