Give Me an Elvis! Special Menu Honors the King at Toast

Montclair restaurant creates menu in memory of the King.

Public Domain
Public Domain

Elvis Presley fans know there's only one way to celebrate the King's birthday — Jan. 8, 1935 — and that's with a peanut butter and banana sandwich. 

A tribute to Presley's widely publicized favorite meal is being served in Montclair Wednesday at Toast, as part of a trio of Elvis Birthday Specials: 

  • Potato & Bacon Soup
  • Graceland Breakfast Sandwich — Chorizo, avocado, Monterey Jack cheese and two fried eggs on a kaiser roll
  • The Fat Elvis — Bacon, peanut butter and banana between two slices of challah french toast
How exactly the musician enjoyed his PB&B is not clear. Some say with bacon, others say without. But most accounts describe the sandwich made by his loving mother Gladys as grilled on buttered bread. 

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg also loved the sandwich typically known as "The Elvis."

Bloomberg said his preferred last breakfast before his dies would be "Wonder Bread toasted, with Skippy Super Chunky melted on it, slices of overripe banana and fresh crisp bacon," the New York Post reported in 2008.

Learn how to make your own Elvis on WikiHow. 


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