Real Progress Montclair Slate Talks About Debt, Taxes, And Future

Slate says voters have a clear choice to make on May 8


Yet another release has been issued by the Real Progress Montclair slate:

All of us involved in the Real Progress Montclair (RPM) campaign are involved in this election because we believe Montclair is the town we want our children to grow up in, and we want them to be able to raise their children here too. Over 100 Montclair Moms came together to make a statement about our campaign.

They were compelled by fresh ideas, tough but positive proposals and the commitment to Montclair's future that our campaign represents. We hope that everyone will focus on what this town needs and what each candidate has to offer, rather than rhetoric intended to divide this community.

Since 2000, our property taxes & billings to cover municipal, school and sewer costs have increased 93%. During the same time our debt has grown 198%. In 2000, our debt was $84 million and today it is almost $250 million. Costs to fund this debt are almost 25% of our municipal budget. This is not sustainable.

We believe on May 8th voters will have a clear choice between RPM and two other incumbent centered slates that represent more of the same and more of the status quo. RPM will seek to retain the Montclair that we all know and love by instituting fiscal responsibility & accountability, working to improve our strong schools and leveraging the strengths of this wonderful and diverse town to put Montclair on a track for a sustainable future for all who live here.

Marnie Brand April 21, 2012 at 10:12 PM
Cont...... Here, I’ll start. I support RPM because our Town has piled up huge debt, property taxes are out of control, and we need to try to address our bloated budget to make sure the money is spent effectively so that the programs that make Montclair such a wonderful community will survive. The RPM team are best suited to manage our budget immediately and manage the challenges we face. They are completely up to speed with municipal budget solutions that are being used in towns and cities all over the country. Lets practice civility after all we are neighbors!!!
Belletones April 22, 2012 at 01:35 AM
And Jay Church and David Grill. all the same names from the Remsen LEadership era.
Cary Africk April 22, 2012 at 04:15 AM
Marnie, Bravo to you for calling out the anonymous posters! There's a couple of handfuls who talk themselves into a frenzy of indignation, repeatedly. They accomplish, in the greater community, nothing. Cary Africk
Kevin April 22, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Cary, While none of the For Montclair slate are incumbents, they are strongly backed by previous council/mayoral members. While I don't personally have anything against Mr. Remsen or Mr. Zief, taxes increased at a pretty hefty clip during their administrations.
A. Gideon April 23, 2012 at 02:19 PM
"While I don't personally have anything against Mr. Remsen or Mr. Zief, taxes increased at a pretty hefty clip during their administrations." This was also the council that moved certain spending and revenue-collection off budget, such as sewage, which let the councilors claim a tax increase lower than the actual increase in what we were paying to the town. Another side effect was to make that portion of our payments to the town no longer tax deductible. ...Andrew


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