Montclair Woman Struck by Car on Bloomfield Avenue While Crossing Street

A 64-year-old Montclair woman received a head injury when she was hit while jaywalking across Bloomfield Avenue around 8:45 p.m.


A 64-year-old Montclair woman received a head injury and was taken to University Hospital after she was struck by a car while crossing Bloomfield Avenue.

Preliminary reports show that the woman, who was not identified by name, was jaywalking across the avenue near Cuban Pete's Restaurant around 8:45 p.m. Police said a four-door Lexus SUV travelling in the westbound lane hit her and she was bleeding from the head when an ambulance arrived.

“The driver is extremely shaken up,” said Montclair Police Captain James Carlucci. The driver of the Lexus, a 54-year-old Bloomfield woman, remained on scene and her SUV was seen parked in front of Fume Cigar Shop as police investigated. 

In addition, two other cars remained parked in the middle of the street near the SUV, the drivers of whom reportedly were witnesses to the accident, according to police.

The accident took place in Montclair's bustling downtown business district in the drizzling rain near Seymout Street, where police were already on scene because of a show at the Wellmont Theatre. It appeared the woman was crossing from the south side of the street to the north.  

Montclair Police cordoned off Bloomfield Avenue between Glenridge Avenue and Seymour Street. The well traveled thoroughfare, lined with restaurants and business still open at the time, was littered with multiple police vehicles, including a fire engine which lit up the scene with flood lights. 

The Montclair woman who was struck was carrying a backpack, which was left lying in the street. Contents from the backpack were strewn throughout the street and around the parked cars. As the rain continued to fall, police marked the items with numbered tags, such as a cellphone, pocketbook, an iPad, and shoes. 

Carlucci was unable to elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the accident or if the weather played a part. 

Carlucci said the investigation was still ongoing.

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