Horse at McDonald's, Bad Guy in the Sky

Also, someone made off with a whole lot of cooking oil. Slick.


Each week, Patch takes a peek at some of the more surprising, shocking, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported throughout New Jersey for "OMGs from NJ PDs."

Big Wheels Keep on Turning: , crashed against a guard rail and nearly struck a small gathering of people at the edge of in Camden County (our title for this section would have worked better if it was a river onto which the van was almost rollin'). Amazingly, no one was hurt, but police say an intoxicated driver may have been asleep at the wheel.

At Least it Wasn't a Cow: Scotch Plains Police say . After a brief chase, he was cornered by Scotch Plains Police cars on Route 22 in Scotch Plains near the McDonalds. Authorities were able to bring the horse under control without incident, police said. Thank goodness the horse never got near one of those shakes. With the sugar in one of those, it could have been halfway to Vegas before anyone caught up to it.

Some Hot Oil: Warren police are scratching their heads as to exactly why, but someone apparently stole a barrel filled with used cooking oil from a Mountain Boulevard business. It's valued at around $200, so that could be a piece of the slippery puzzle. , when the culprit is found, will it be hard to make the charges stick?

He's Really Got Your Goat: Toms River must have the strangest lost-and-found box ever. , and she'd like to get it back to its rightful owner. The female goat turned up in the backyard of her Oak Ridge Parkway home one Saturday morning. "It was in my fenced in yard," Yuro said. "And I was told that someone must have opened the gate and put her there. She couldn't have jumped the fence without climbing on something." Anyone one goat short of a tribe (yes, we looked up what a group of goats are called) can contact her at moonstruck60@comcast.net.

Into the Belly of the Beast: You've got to thank this guy for making it easy on the cops. Officers arrested a man they say . The only problem? Police say he was drunk at the time, and an officer picked up on it. Police were happy to get him info on the summons. Heck, they even got him an extra one.

Bad Guy Practically Fell in Their Laps: Pine Beach's police chief was in the right place (on the ground) at the right time (). The chief was around the front of the house, so it didn't take long to spot and stop the alleged buglar. "He must have heard or saw us," the chief said. "I heard the window open. I saw him hanging from the second story window. He dropped and tried to run. He was subdued."

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