UPDATE: Man Struck By Car On Grove St. Today

Also, a woman and toddler were struck on Route 10


A man was struck by a car at about 7:35 a.m. today while attempting to cross Grove Street in the crosswalk by Oxford Street.

According to Montclair police, the driver was a 71-year-old East Orange resident who was traveling northbound on Grove Street when he struck a pedestrian who was crossing at the intersection of Grove and Oxford. The driver, operating a Ford Fusion, was issued motor vehicle tickets for driving an uninsured car and also for failing to stop at a pedestrian crosswalk.

The pedestrian, a Montclair man, was transported by ambulance to Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

A few months ago, a Montclair High School student was hit crossing at the same spot, at Grove Street near Oxford.

The incident early today is just the latest in a string of accidents involving pedestrians in Montclair.

A fatality occurred on Upper Mountain Avenue at Van Vleck Street in October 2011. Another occurred on Bellevue Avenue in March 2011. Elsewhere, two pedestrians were recently hit crossing mid-block near Midland and Bloomfield avenues. Another person was recently struck crossing South Fullerton at Plymouth. And a young girl was struck at Valley and Wildwood. Her mom said the girl “was knocked out of her sneakers.”

At the same time, a West Orange resident is listed in serious condition after being hit by a car while crossing Route 10 in front of Mount Pleasant Middle School in nearby Livingston this morning. She was holding a toddler at the time.

Kareen Barrett, 42, was crossing the intersection of Tiffany Drive and Route 10 with a 2 1/2-year-old boy in her arms when a woman driving a Honda Odyssey van struck the two, said police. The driver has been identified as Cuifang Nie, 40, of Livingston.

Paramedics and the Livingston First Aid squad responded to the scene and brought the two pedestrians to University Hospital, according to Livingston Det. Sgt. Anthony Dippold.

As of 3:30 p.m., Barrett was listed as being in serious, but stable, condition with multiple broken bones and possible head trauma. The toddler is being kept for observation after possibly suffering a fracture.

Barrett is the caregiver for the toddler, a Livingston resident. Investigators say that by holding the toddler, some of the impact was taken off of the two when the van hit. In addition, investigators say that the injuries to the toddler would've been much worse if he was not in his caregiver's arms.

The accident, which occurred at 8:57 a.m., closed a portion of Route 10/Mount Pleasant Avenue, but it has since reopened. The Essex County Prosecutor's Office also responded to the scene.

Nie was questioned at Livingston Police Headquarters following the accident and no decision has been made as to which charges, if any, will be filed.

Stay tuned to Patch as more details become available.

chris May 11, 2012 at 04:12 PM
Kids FLYING down Norwood almost struck my 6 year old daughter on her bicycle yesterday evening about 6:30pm. They must have been going at least 40 mph right before you get to Lorraine. I screamed, "STOP" as loud as I could which thank goodness, they did. People need to slow down in this town! It's the time of year when people are walking, enjoying the nice weather, riding bikes - kids aren't always looking out the way they should. Motorists really need to start paying better attention. I know I will. Thank heavens this person wasn't fatally injured like the pedestrian last year.
A. Gideon May 11, 2012 at 04:34 PM
"Education and enforcement" Education is a good long term solution, but I don't see it being of immediate help. The FAA runs "continuing education" type programs for pilots, but the joke/truism is that it is usually the pilots that don't attend that most need to attend. And there is nothing equivalent for drivers. Enforcement sounds good, but we cannot expect the police to be on hand at every crosswalk 24x7. This particular intersection may be bad, but there are plenty of others in town. More, as noted above, any crossing of Grove w/o a light is a tricky experience. What I'd like to see tried is a variation of enforcement with some proxy for the police: cameras. I'm not sure how this would work for a crosswalk, but I expect that there is some solution (perhaps the pedestrian seeking to cross presses a button which enables 60 seconds of video?). This wouldn't be cheap, but I expect it would not be long before the additional fines would pay for themselves. A minor enhancement to this video mechanism could be a sign that lights notifying drivers that someone is hoping to cross. That could be helpful, as - esp. at night - it is not always easy to see pedestrians seeking to cross at a distance. As I understand it, though, such traffic cameras are not permitted in NJ. If this idea is actually workable, then perhaps we need to seek to change that law. ...Andrew
Laine Murphy May 12, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Every neighborhood can identify with having that one street that's difficult, to cross. Every day I see folks at crosswalks who take that first step onto the street then look away or blather on their cellphone. Traffic has stopped, they are oblivious. Also people do the opposite which is dart out BEFORE being sure traffic has stopped. and it's totally unsafe to slam on your brakes when you have someone following you too closely. I suggest that the simple gesture of raising a hand (drivers can see you behind parked cars) to flag that you are there and ready to cross.
Crafty Spiker May 12, 2012 at 06:11 PM
It's really great to see people thinking beyond traffic lights. I love the idea of the hand-raise to signal, "Yes, I REALLY want to cross the street".
carolla7411 July 20, 2012 at 11:03 AM
That is so true, I was thinking the same thing.


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