Montclair Police Make Arrests in Local Burglary Spree

Suspect reportedly used juveniles to assist in crimes.

Police have made arrests in connection with several burglaries that occurred between July 28th and August 4th.  Three separate homes were burglarized, one on Tichenor Place and two on Harrison Avenue. The victims reported losses of jewelry, electronics, gaming systems, cash, and, in one case, $300 worth of cologne.

Two suspects were taken into custody during a burglary in progress on High Street.  A man had asked a woman for directions to Nishuane Park and after she pointed out which direction he should walk, he walked in the other direction, she told police.  The woman, who was tending to a neighbor’s house at the time, walked into that house and found a bedroom window open and a lamp overturned. 

The woman left the house and called the police.  As they searched the area, they found two 16-year-old West Orange youths who, upon further investigation, were believed to have commit not only the High Street burglary but the Tichenor Place and Harrison Avenue burglaries as well.

Both juveniles were charged with four counts of burglary, four counts of conspiracy to commit burglary, three counts of theft of movable property, three counts of conspiracy to commit theft, and one count of possession of burglary tools. One of the juveniles was later turned over to his guardian while the other juvenile was remanded to the Essex County Youth House.

Then, on the morning of August 9th, police saw two men walking around Eagle Rock Way and Llewellyn Road. The pair split, and one man went up to a house on Llewellyn Road and tried to open the front door. Police believed that the man, later identified as Lance Ogunwale, was attempting to break in to the home. According to police, Ogunwale then met back up with the other man who was later identified as Tyson Andrews.

Police detained the pair after determining that their actions were suspicious, believing that Ogunwale had attempted to enter the residence while Andrews served as a lookout. While searching Ogunwale, police discovered that he was also in possession of twenty-six small zip-lock bags commonly used to package narcotics.

Ogunwale, 21, of West Orange, was charged with criminal attempt, conspiracy, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Andrews, 23, of West Orange, was charged with conspiracy. Bail for Andrews was set at $5,000.

As a result of a continuing investigation, detectives identified Ogunwale as a suspect for also participating in the aforementioned burglary on Tichenor Place as well as the August 3rd burglary on Harrison Avenue.  Ogunwale was additionally charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of theft, two counts of conspiracy to commit a burglary, and use of a juvenile to commit a crime. Bail was set at $50,000.




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