Montclair Police Officer Saves Infant’s Life

On June 8, a local police officer successfully resuscitated a choking infant.

Det. Thomas Liloia of the Montclair Police Department made a life saving, split-second decision.

While working the walking post on Mission Street, a woman came towards Liloia with a baby boy in her arms.

Only a few months old, the infant was “lifeless,” and “his limbs were hanging,” said Lt. David O’Dowd of the Montclair Police Department. 

The woman, the infants babysitter, informed Liloia that the baby boy had eaten a cookie and then began choking on it.

Liloia inspected the infants airways but did not see anything. He began administering back blows, the infant equivalent to the heimlich maneuver, and successfully dislodged a piece of cookie from the child’s throat.

When the Montclair Ambulance Unit arrived on the scene, the infant was breathing and crying. 

The baby boy was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. 


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