Montclair Police Warn of Phone Scams

Callers have been claiming to be PSE&G employees threatening to turn off the victim's power if payment isn't made.

The Montclair Police Department is warning residents of phone scams.

A Montclair resident was the victim of a telephone scam last week when a caller claimed to be a PSE&G representative, according to police. The caller said the victim's bill was overdue and the power would be shut off if a payment wasn't immediately made, police said.

The caller instructed the resident to purchase a $250 Moneypak card and call him back with the serial number and redemption code. The resident followed the instructions but later became suspicious and contacted PSE&G directly. PSE&G told the resident this scam is an ongoing issue.

The Montclair Police Department advises that if someone calls claiming to represent a company requesting payment, first contact that company to verify the request. If phoning, locate the company’s published telephone phone number—do not use to callback number supplied by the person calling. Then confirm this person is actually a company employee.

Any suspicious contacts should be reported to the Montclair Police Department by calling 973-744-1234 before making any transactions.

PSE&G has a Scam Alert page on its website: pseg.com/home/customer_service/bill/scam/index.jsp.
QuillPen May 12, 2014 at 05:07 PM
My friend received a call like this 2 weeks ago. She had just paid the bill a few days before and wasn't sure who to call to report this kind of call.


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