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Montclair Slammed By Four Burglaries In Four Days

A man on Prospect Avenue encountered a stranger making a loud noise.


Over a four-day period, four Montclair homes were targeted by burglars, according to Montclair Police.

Residents reported burglaries on Prospect Avenue, Enfield Terrace, Greenwood Avenue, and Washington Street.

In the first incident, on Sept. 14, a resident on Prospect told police that he and his wife were on the second floor of their home when they heard a loud noise outside just after 11 p.m. He said he went downstairs and saw someone standing outside the doorway that leads to his sunroom. The person got away before the resident was able to get a good look at him. Anyone with information regarding this matter is asked to contact Det. Cunningham at (973) 509-4716.

A day later, on Sept. 15, a resident on Enfield Terrace told police that he had returned home to find one of his glass panes on the front door broken out and the door unlocked. He said that nothing appeared to be missing although his mail had been opened and rummaged through. Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Anderson at (973) 509-4706.

Next, on Sept. 16, a resident on Greenwood Avenue told police that she had returned home to find she wasn't able to get her key into the door knob because something had been jammed into it. When she finally got inside, she found her laptop computer and $40 in cash missing. Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Turner at (973) 509-4724.

Finally, on Sept. 17, a resident on Washington Street told police that she had returned home to find the window of her back door removed. Once inside, she found that electronics worth about $1,150 had been taken. Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Degrazio at (973) 509-4717.

Last week, two people were robbed and four homes were burglarized—again over a four-day period, according to Montclair Police.

Police officers have urged Montclair residents to make certain that all their doors and windows are locked when they are away from home.


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