Stolen Car, Attempted Burglary and Package Thefts Reported to Police

Montclair Police saw multiple incidents involving stolen packages, as well as a stolen car and an attempted burglary on Elmwood Avenue last week.

Montclair Police reported two thefts of delivered postal packages, a stolen vehicle parked outside a convenience store and an attempted burglary on Elmwood Avenue last week. 

A man was arrested on March 27 after 5:45 p.m. for stealing a delivered postal package placed in front of a door of a home in the 60 block of South Fullerton Avenue, according to police reports. 

The homeowner told police he had heard the storm door open and when he went to check, he saw a man walking down the driveway carrying a blue bag, police reports state. The homeowner reportedly told police he was aware a package had recently been delivered to his front door. 

The homeowner caught up to 64-year-old Larry Cousins, of Montclair, who claimed he was looking for the property manager, and then said he worked for the government and found the package in the street, according to police reports. After a brief argument, Cousins handed the package back to the homeowner, police said. 

Police found Cousins on Seymour Street and placed him under arrest. Cousins was charged with theft and criminal trespass, according to reports. He also had a criminal warrant out for his arrest out of Montclair. 

On March 29 around 4:30 p.m., a woman living in an apartment building on Gates Avenue also reported a delivered postal package worth $227 was stolen, according to police. 

The woman told police she had confirmed with the local post office that the package had been delivered on March 15 and left in the lobby of her apartment building. 

On March 28 shortly before 5 a.m., a 2011 Hyundai Sonata was taken from 7-Eleven, located at 15 Bloomfield Ave., while it was left running in the parking lot.  

The owner of the car was told by a Montclair taxi driver while he was inside the convenience store that he had seen someone quickly enter the car and drive away. The taxi driver was unable to provide a description of the suspect, according to police.  

A homeowner on Elmwood Avenue found several screen windows either cut or moved on March 29. There was no entry gained into the home, and Montclair Police are reporting there are no suspects at this time. 


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