Three Cars, NJ Transit Bus Collide and Send Eight to Hospital

Traffic was delayed for more than two hours on the border of Montclair and Glen Ridge on Friday.


Eight people were sent the hospital Friday afternoon as three cars and a New Jersey Transit bus collided in a pile up on Bloomfield Avenue. 

Around 1:25 p.m. in front of the Palace Car Wash on the border of Montclair and Glen Ridge, a Ford Taurus traveling in an eastbound lane on Bloomfield Avenue reportedly hit a Toyota traveling in the same direction, according to Montclair Police. The impact caused the Toyota to then crash into a Mini Cooper traveling in a westbound lane which then struck a New Jersey Transit bus also traveling westbound. 

There were about 25 people on the NJ Transit bus. 

The Ford Taurus came to rest over the embankment near the entrance of the Palace Car Wash. 

The driver of the Ford Taurus was found unconscious when police arrived but eventually regained consciousness. He was transported to The University Hospital in Newark, according to police. 

Seven other people were transported to hospitals in the surrounding area, but Montclair Police said there were no serious injuries reported. 

Montclair Police blocked off traffic on Bloomfield Avenue for more than two hours between Grove Street and around Highland Avenue in Glen Ridge. 

After the three cars were towed away, yellow police-tape could be seen barricading the hole in the Palace Car Wash's fence where the Ford Taurus broke through it. 

Arlene M. Baladi February 16, 2013 at 10:26 PM
Hope that anyone affected will be fine after being treated.
roberta baldwin February 17, 2013 at 02:11 PM
This stretch of Bloomfield Ave. is a lethal and unregulated one, with cars shooting by when the light turns green at the Ridgewood Ave/Bloomfield Ave intersection in Glen Ridge at one end and Pine St. and Bloomfield Ave. at the other. Add to the mayhem the commotion at the two exits and entrances to a busy mall on one side of the road and the ubiquitous lineup of cars at the car wash protruding out into the busy thoroughfare from the other and you have all the ingredients for "The Perfect Storm of Accidents". Just pulling out into the roadway at that juncture is a scary proposition demanding an inhuman combination of patience and split-second timing. The cars shooting by, including those from the downtown Montclair that emerge suddenly over the top of the train overpass, create a 24-hour "take your life into your hands" hazard. Anyone who saw the accident and its aftermath had to have been sobered, if not shocked, by the complexity of the damage to vehicles of all sizes and the police reports of injuries. This needs to be a 25-mile per hour zone, strictly-enforced, with some sort of huge and harsh visual denoting the complexity of the situation or someone will die there eventually.


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