Report of Gunman on Campus a False Alarm, Montclair State Police Say

University Police received reports on Tuesday of a man wearing a weapon on campus but there was 'no credible threat.'

Patch stock photo
Patch stock photo

On Tuesday officials at Montclair State University sent out two message alerts to staff, faculty and students. The first warned them of a possible gunman on campus and the second assured them that the threat no longer existed.

The first alert sent read: “On 7/8/14 at 1:57 pm, the University Police received a report of a white male 5'11" with dark, graying hair approximately 50 years old dressed in black pants and black shirt talking to students at the exterior of University Hall and believed to be wearing a weapon. There were no visible signs that he was a law enforcement official, but there was no overt or aggressive action displayed. Police are conducting searches of all areas on campus at this time. If anyone sees any suspicious activity please contact University Police at x 5222.”

This update followed:  "This afternoon University Police received a report of a possible armed individual on campus. As a routine and precautionary action, a communication alert was sent out across the campus. The University Police have investigated the single unsubstantiated report that was received, and they have found there to be no credible threat to the campus community at this time."


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