100K Pension Club, High School SAT Scores in Essex County, Town Budget Hearings and More

See the stories that made headlines in Montclair this week.

7 Montclair Pensioners Earn More Than $100K a Year

Former Superintendent Frank Alvarez and six other Montclair pensioners receive more than $100,000 in pensions every year, according to a state watchdog group.

New Radio System Could Connect Montclair Statewide

Montclair Police Department’s radio problems may soon be silenced.  

A nascent statewide radio system for law enforcement agencies is being offered to local agencies to join. The state system, called P-25, will connect municipalities and state agencies, and allow them communicate and share information across borders — something neighboring communities are currently unable to do. 

High School SAT Scores in Essex County [Interactive Map]

The higher the median income of a school district, the higher the SAT scores in Essex County. 

The only eight public high schools to meet the state’s average SAT benchmark of 1550 are in school districts where median incomes are at least $88,000, according to the New Jersey School Performance Report. The eight schools’ median incomes are well above the county average of $55,876 and state average of $71,180. 

Mayor Appoints 2 New Members to Board of Ed. [Poll]

Mayor Robert Jackson announced Monday he will appoint two new members to the Montclair Board of Education. 

Final Departmental Budget Hearings for $77.8M Budget

The final round of departmental budget hearings were heard Tuesday by the Township Council for this year's $77.8 million municipal budget. 

Presenting budget requests that night were Montclair Parking Utility, departments of public works and finance, the offices of the township attorney, and municipal clerk and township manager. 

Health Department Requests $1.18M Budget

The Montclair Health Department requested a $1.18 million budget in 2013 from the Township Council on Tuesday. 

Contractor vans, tools and equipment were the targets of four thefts in the span of a day Monday, police said. 

Fundraising totals are in for the two candidates seeking the Democratic Party nod in June’s 34th District state Senate primary.

Residents around Orange and Brooklawn roads will have their water turned off and may experience disruptions between April 22 and 24 as the Montclair Water Bureau cleans water mains. 

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Boston Marathon Bombings

To help parents discuss the bombings with their children, Dr. Gerald Costa, director of Montclair State University's Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health, offers these tips. 

A Glimpse of Montclair: Skateboarder and a New Tattoo

These photos of people and things around Montclair were taken by resident Michael Greene. 

Adopt This Montclair Dog: Keebler

This mellow dog is looking for some new owners to chill out with. 

Keebler is a 7-year-old male beagle and basset hound mix up for adoption at the Montclair Township Animal Shelter. This dog was taken in by Montclair from a high-kill animal shelter in Virginia this month, so he hopes to complete his journey soon by finding a new, loving home here in the Garden State. 


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