Montclair Council Meets Tuesday

An ordinance to place a four-way stop at the intersection of Chestnut and Forest avenues will be considered tonight.


The Montclair Township Council will meet tonight in the municipal building, at 205 Claremont Ave., starting at 7 p.m. 

The format for the meeting will be slightly different than in 2012. 

The pre-meeting conference will now be held in the first floor council chambers. It was previously held in the second floor conference room. The pre-meeting conference will be followed by the regularly scheduled meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the same room. 

New Business – Ordinances 

The Montclair Council will put forth the following new ordinances: 

  1. Ordinance amending Parking Ordinance (4 way stop – Chestnut/Forest) (O_13_001)
  2. Ordinance to amend Chapter 240 of the Township Code (parking fees) (O_13_002)
  3. Ordinance authorizing and approving financial agreement between Montclair Kensington Urban Renewal, LLC and the Township of Montclair for the Church Street Lot portion of the Hahne’s Redevelopment Area (O_13_003)

Resolutions to be Proposed 

The Montclair Council will propose to pass the following resolutions:

  1. Resolution appointing member to Economic Development Subcommittee (R_13_003) *
  2. Resolution authorizing execution of NJDEP TWA application – Bonsal Preserve Sewer Improvements (R_13_004) *
  3. Resolution to enter into a contract with Barton Ross, Historic Preservation Specialist, to provide professional services to the Historic Preservation Commission (R_13_005) *
  4. Resolution authorizing agreement between Township and Essex County Department of Citizen Services – Division on Aging grant (R_13_006) *
  5. Resolution authorizing 2013 debt service (R_13_007) *
  6. Resolution awarding agreement for support services with Board of Education (R_13_008)
  7. Resolution authorizing purchase contracts with certain approved State contract vendors pursuant to NJSA 40A:11-12a (R_13_009)
  8. Resolution authorizing reappointments to Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (R_13_010)
  9. Resolution amending bylaws of Montclair Early Childhood Corporation to increase the number of trustees from eleven (11) to thirteen (13), subject to approval of such amendment by the Township of Montclair governing body (R_13_011)
  10. Resolution authorizing appointments to Montclair Early Childhood Corporation (R_13_012)
  11. Resolution authorizing reappointments to the Civil Rights Commission (R_13_013)
  12. Resolution authorizing reappointment to Board of Adjustment (R_13_014)
  13. Resolution approving professional services agreement with McManimon and Scotland (R_13_015)
  14. Resolution approving professional services agreement with Genova Burns (R_13_016)
  15. Resolution approving professional services agreement with Nowell Amoroso (R_13_017)
  16. Bill List

All items listed with an asterisk have been placed on the consent agenda by the council at a previous meeting and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items.


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