Montclair 'Unified Land Use and Circulation Plan' Talks to be Held April 28

The public will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments at this hearing.

The Montclair Township Planning Board completed its revisions to the draft Unified Land Use and Circulation Plan and will hold a public hearing on the plan Monday, April 28, at 7:30 p.m., in Municipal Council Chambers, 205 Claremont Ave.

The redlined version of the draft plan can be viewed and downloaded on the township website: (http://www.montclairnjusa.org/dmdocuments/Draft-UnifiedPlan-December-2013_PB Revisions.pdf) draft (57MB PDF). It is also available for public review between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the Municipal Clerk’s office (first floor) and in the Planning Office (second floor) at 205 Claremont Ave.

The original draft, dated March 2013, was presented at a public hearing in April 2013. There was a significant amount of public comment on the draft plan, and the Board made many changes in response to these comments. Key changes include the following:

  • The Plan was restructured to clearly differentiate between Township-Wide Strategies and Area Specific Strategies.
  • All references to transects have been replaced with zones.
  • Zoning recommendations for specific areas have been revised.
  • Descriptions of the unique character and assets of the different areas of the Township have been added.
  • A new section for Montclair Heights has been added.
  • Appendices containing growth projections and planning scenarios have been eliminated.

The changes to the Unified Land Use and Circulation Plan will be presented at the public hearing and will be explained in more detail in a PowerPoint presentation, also available online (http://www.montclairnjusa.org/dmdocuments/Unified-Plan-changes.pdf).

The public will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments at the hearing.

If you have any questions, please contact Janice Talley, Director of Planning and Community Development at 973-509-4953 or at jtalley@montclairnjusa.org.

Submitted by the Township of Montclair


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