Sandy Causes At Least $4.2 Million in Damage to City of Hoboken, Number Will Likely Go Up

The city has approved emergency appropriations to pay for repairs and the replacement of vehicles.


Super Storm Sandy did at least $4.2 million worth of damage to the city of Hoboken.

On Wednesday, the city approved the second round of emergency appropriations of roughly $350,000. During a previous meeting, the city already approved roughly $700,000 in emergency appropriations.

This does not include repairs to Pier C Park. It also doesn't include damage done to residences and businesses.

In order to pay for the emergency funds, the city will be selling "special emergency notes," to make sure there is enough money available immediately. That, too, was approved during Wednesday night's meeting.

"Passing a special appropriation does not put cash in the bank," said Business Administrator Quentin Wiest on Wednesday. "We have to go somewhere to get the cash."

These costs also do not include the overtime that will be paid to many of the city's employees. During Wednesday's meeting $137,000 in storm-related overtime was approved. 

The city will also be talking to the joint insurance fund and FEMA to try to get funding for the cost of the storm. Getting that money back, however — due to the magnitude of the amount of money and the impact of Sandy — may take one to two years, said Wiest.

"Any dollars we can get back into the tank," said Wiest, "the sooner the better."


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