Seitz Resigns as Superintendent of Schools

New business administrator also resigns, and BOE hires new football coach.

Dr. LeRoy Seitz will leave his position as superintendent of schools for the Parsippany-Troy Hills school district as of May 15.

The announcement came after most attendees of Tuesday night's BOE meeting at Parsippany High School had already departed, as the board had moved into closed session to discuss personnel matters.

Upon the members' return to public session, it was announced that Business Administrator Robin Tedesco and Seitz had both tendered their resignations and that the board would have to vote upon them.

Tedesco, who started in her post just last month, will leave the job in April. She did not state a reason for her departure.

The board voted to accept both resignations and to approve the hire of Philip McGuane to lead the PHS football Red Hawks for the 2013-14 school year. McGuane replaces Guy Bertola, who left the position after the football season due to what he called a "falsification" on his resume.

Seitz declined comment.

The superintendent became the focus of controversy and contention over his contract, which the board approved in 2010 and rescinded more than a year later under pressure from the state Department of Education.

In the brouhaha that grew to a fever pitch over the disputed pact, which violated a superintendents' salary cap imposed by Gov. Chris Christie in Feb. 2011, media were awash in stories of BOE squabbles, lawsuits and Christie's labeling of Seitz as a "poster boy of greed."

Despite the controversy, the harsh criticism he received from some town residents and board members, and his lawsuit against the school board and the state Department of Education over the contract awaiting a judge's decision, Seitz continued working to move the district forward in technology and in boosting student achievement.

Vice President Sharif Shamsudin said he was surprised that Seitz opted to retire.

"This was a shock, but we've got to look forward as a district and move on, making sure our students are taken care of," he said. "I'm sure we'll find suitable replacements for both positions.

"I respect the fact that Dr. Seitz wants to retire," he said. "We're going to do our job as a board to make sure the well-being of our students and the district are in place."

Member Anthony Mancuso, who defended Seitz during his protracted contract battle over the past two years, said Parsippany will miss the superintendent more than some may realize.

"I'm very sad to see Dr. Seitz make the decision to retire at this time," he said. "I think it will be a great loss to our district. While I am happy for him and his family that he is able to retire and move on, I have my concerns for the hole it is going to create in our school district.

"I hope the board recognizes the difficulties it is about to face in trying to find a new superintendent."

LGDIII February 21, 2013 at 05:01 PM
There are certainly better candidates then a fired coach who won 4 games in his last 3 years as head coach and then assisted last year. Especially one who is on top of the pay scale and we create a job out of thin air for. For this teaching job to magically appear to get a proven NON Winner in the door and who just happens to be from South Plainfield smacks of BULLS#@T
blarney February 21, 2013 at 08:06 PM
So, they hired a 60 yr old coach to turn the program around? I could definitely see that working (said nobody, ever). They should just bring back Coach Yesunas
blarney February 21, 2013 at 08:32 PM
In all seriousness, I don't understand how time after time they get this hire wrong. I don't have dog in this fight since my kids are already out of school. But, as a former student, player and parent of PHS football, I would love to see these present and future players have success. It's unfortunate what happened with Coach Bertola since he really seemed to be a passionate and positive coach. I really thought he would be the one to bring some respectability back to the program. Those darn background checks though, they'll get you every time. This new coach has me scratching my head. If he is the same coach my primitive Google search pulled up, he's 59 years old. Even if he's successful, how many years would it be before another coaching search? How much passion could a "older" coach still have? How many nights is he going to be checking out the P.A.L. program? How much time will he be in the weight room with the kids? The pictures of his teams at S. Plainfield I saw through Google would indicate he may not be a big weight room kind of coach. I hope I'm wrong. I do feel bad for Coach Hurta though if he wanted the job. He played with one of my sons and would have made a great Head Coach at PHS. Good luck to the Redhawks (even though it will always be Redskins to me). I hope this new coach works out and was a informed hire and not just a convenient one.
friend of parsppany February 21, 2013 at 08:43 PM
Maybe jay would have been a good hire,I do not know but it is clear that Fonti the AD knows very little about athletics. He should never have been hired to ve the A.D.How in the works was he allowed w Tom r. To make another hire. They don't seem to do their h.w. Jay,you need to Coach somewhere else if you are interested in your coaching career.
Ann M February 21, 2013 at 11:47 PM
Oh dear God I hope not!!


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