Township Receives Transcripts From Nishuane Water Well Hearings

Township Manager Marc Dashield said all questions and comments from residents will be categorized, answered and presented at a future council meeting.


The township has received the transcripts from the two January public hearings about a proposal to construct a water well facility in Nishuane Park. 

Township Manager Marc Dashield said at the council meeting on Tuesday the township will now categorize the hundreds of questions and comments voiced by residents at the public hearings. The township will then present and answer all of them during a future council meeting. 

“We are going to pull everything in and make a final presentation so we deal with all of the issues before the council ...,” said Dashield. “... We really want to do a thorough job with the issues."

He added that more comments will be received that were submitted before the deadline to the Department of Environmental Protection and the township. 

The major issues residents brought up about the proposed water well facility during the public meetings on Jan. 16 and Jan. 17 were:

  • Costs
  • Environmental issues
  • Alternatives to creating a facility in Nishuane Park 
  • Current and future water needs for the township

The analysis of the questions will take some time, Dashield said, and he gave no estimate for the date of the presentation. 

The township is proposing to build a $2.6 million public water facility in a viable well in Nishuane Park near the intersection of High Street and Orange Road. 

The township’s plan is to construct a 38- by 41-foot building and 10-foot wide access road from High Street on less than half an acre of the park. The land, however, is state protected and the township is seeking approval from the state’s Green Acres Program to build on the site. 

Additional documents from the township about the water well proposal have also been posted. 


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