Lautenberg Appears at Verona Fundraiser

Senator attends Annin Flag meet and greet to benefit Verona Councilman Michael Nochimson's campaign.

More than 100 guests were on hand Wednesday night to greet U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-New Jersey) at a fundraiser for Verona Councilman Michael Nochimson.

Although Nochimson is not up for re-election until 2015, the councilman held the informal meet-and-greet with Lautenberg at Verona’s Annin Flag Company to raise money for his Nochimson Now Campaign. Tickets for the event cost $150 per person or $200 per couple.

“I think in small town politics, when an opportunity arises, you have to seize the moment,” said Nochimson, who added the event was non-political.

“I've known this family for a long time,” Lautenberg said. “I'm glad to have this chance to say thank you to Michael (Nochimson) for his willingness to serve on the Verona town council.”

“I'm here to encourage you to do all you can, to make sure Verona has the energy and character to make you proud because it represents a piece of New Jersey,” he added.

Annin & Company, Verona's landmark flag company, has been in operation since World War I.

The company started in Verona in 1847 and has been family owned ever since.

“Annin is the oldest flag maker in the country,” Nochimson said, “they put a flag on the moon and they have been relatively invisible in Verona.  For a small town like Verona its wild to have a company like that.”

Carter Beard, Annin Flag’s president, presented Lautenberg with an Annin-made American flag which was flown over a forward operating base in Afghanistan.

He was very proud to have Lautenberg visit the company, he said.

“I thought it was a terrific opportunity for Verona, and the senator really enjoyed himself,” Nochimson said.


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