Business Administrator Dana Sullivan Leaving Montclair School District

She will become the business administrator in Westfield.


Longtime Montclair Public Schools Business Administrator Dana Sullivan will replace Vincent Yaniro as the business administrator in the Westfield school district on Sept. 1, according to an announcement made by Superintendent Margaret Dolan at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Tuesday night was the final board meeting for Yaniro, who is retiring in August. The former Chatham school official after his was abruptly removed due to having corruption charges brought against him.  

Sullivan, a certified public accountant and licensed public school accountant, has been the business administrator of the Montclair School District—which is comparable in size to Westfield's—for 15 years. Dolan, who served on the team that interviewed Sullivan and other candidates, commended Sullivan’s performance throughout the process.

“There was not one question we put forward that Dana was not able to answer comprehensively,” Dolan said.

As administrator, Sullivan will assist Dolan in preparing and administering the annual school budget. She will also serve as the board’s official purchasing agent, ensure proper maintenance with auditing requirements and tax laws, and supervise several levels of district personnel and business operations.

In Montclair, Sullivan has been key in the management of the district's finances.

At last week's Montclair school board meeting, it was Sullivan, for example, who explained that the district would boast another strong surplus this year.

The Montclair district also is searching for a new superintendent to replace Dr. Frank Alvarez as well as a new principal for Mount Hebron Middle School.

Adam June 29, 2012 at 01:55 AM
Who is anti-tax? I think many residents and BOE volunteers are anti-WASTE, and from two surpluses resulting AFTER people starting poking around under the hood (or a fiscal audit being done), it seems there was a lot of waste. Had the fiscal management been better, the $25M in surpluses over the last two years, or at least some of it, could have strategically been put to very good use, be it aids' benefits, a district wide computer initiative, allocating more to benefit the kids not at the high end or those with special needs, bringing back librarians, adding more art or music classes, whatever fits a long term strategic plan set by the best qualified people. In order to have strong public schools, funding is required, but as we've seen, just infusing more money into a system doesn't make a school strong.
ira shor June 29, 2012 at 02:24 AM
"Adam" opposes waste, but who doesn't? Can Adam or someone else please itemize specific waste in our schools? Tell us exactly what is wasteful instead of generally accusing. Many of us will refuse to tolerate waste, so let's hear about it in detail. Denouncing "waste in general" is not convincing. Family health care for our essential aides is NOT waste, for example. I proposed specific good uses for the two "surprise" surpluses which evaded the honorable Mrs. Sullivan two years in a row--reduce class size and provide a full-time aide for each classroom. These are two constructive uses of our tax dollars which will improve learning in our schools. The BOE's rush to dump dollars on a dysfunctional TC is anti-tax zealotry which hurts our kids, plain and simple. The anti-tax crowd soundly lost the May elections--anti-tax zealotry should not be allowed to dominate our BOE. The current BOE should step aside and be replaced by a BOE that puts our kids and our civic life first.
What I See June 29, 2012 at 12:18 PM
Thank you, Mr. Shor, for your comments. There's plenty of waste in the schools... just to name one small example, go into any classroom during the winter and you'll find the heat blasting so high that the windows have to be opened. I know there are many other examples of waste...
ira shor June 29, 2012 at 04:00 PM
I've heard this before; PTAs should be documenting this at each of their schools. PATCH and MTC TIMES should also be on this. Ask Bldgs and Grnds why heat is too high in winter, get answers, pepper the BOE with questions, visit classrooms and take the temperature in them in Dec., photograph open windows, that's what newspapers in print or online are supposed to do--"Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable," as Joseph Pulitzer remarked many years ago regarding his own newspapers. Any other documented waste in our schools which should be focused on?
Adam July 07, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Ira, Attend the BOE meetings. Read the annual audit reports that list numerous issues in the very last pages. One example of blatant waste that comes quickly to mind was the "driver" on the school's payroll a few years back. The BOE took care of this situation. I recall hearing that there are people getting benefits that were not on the payroll. Many bank accounts don't get reconciled. I'm not even going anywhere near situations of inefficiencies like the number of teachers with tenure that have been moved to central office because they were not effective at their job. The list goes on and on my friend.


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