Mayor Jackson Announces BOE Appointments

Jessica De Koninck, Anne Mernin selected for Montclair school board.

Mayor Robert Jackson announced his appointments to the Montclair Board of Education earlier today.

The mayor appointed former township councilor and NJ Department of Legislative Services Director Jessica De Koninck to serve on the board. De Koninck, a longtime Montclair resident, was also counsel for the Maplewood South Orange schools. 

She is also a distinguished poet, whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including The LedgeBridgesRiver King Literary Supplement, the Edison Literary Review, the Paterson Literary Review, and others.

“Jessica brings extensive historical knowledge of Montclair to the board along with a distinguished background in the law and education,” said Jackson. “She has a keen intellect and an unassailable love for the town and its children. I am proud and honored that she has agreed to serve.” 

In addition, Anne Mernin has been appointed to a full term on the board – in September of 2013 Mernin filled the vacant spot left by Tanya Coke.

“So many Montclair residents were confident that Anne would be an outstanding contributor when I appointed her to complete Ms. Coke's term and she has exceeded our expectations,” said Jackson.

steve jones April 15, 2014 at 06:13 PM
I remember not so long ago when this mayor ran for office. Scads of my well to do privileged friends in town (the country club and tennis club crowds) were in a total uproar. He's going to destroy the town. He's an idiot. I am not getting involved anymore. I'm selling my house tomorrow. Etc., etc. Not one moved or sold their house. The guy seems to be doing an admirable job. And personally I see none of the shameless PC grandstanding of Jerry Fried. But none of my friends who ranted and raved for weeks and months even seem to rememer all the predictions of certain financial gloom and doom. Not one.
Michael Kinzig April 16, 2014 at 06:51 PM
So one PC er rave s about your good black mayor?? Montclair will soon be Newark light. ... Just you wait and see.... Liberalism is a disease that will kill many hosts before it is seen for the Ill ness that it is. And, you will deserve it. Fools .


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