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Montclair School Board Appoints Assistant Principal

The board also suspended a former assistant principal pending an investigation.


The Montclair School Board has chosen Major Jennings—the former head coach of the Montclair High School basketball team—to replace Samantha Morra as assistant principal of Mount Hebron Middle School.

"He's been acting assistant principal there twice before," said Interim Schools Superintendent Dr. Clarence Hoover, who added that Jennings would bring "stability" to the school.

Jennings will serve in the position on an interim basis while the district seeks to first find a permanent principal to replace Guy Whitlock—who was transferred to the district's central office a few months ago—and then to find a permanent assistant principal to replace Morra.

District officials said they expected Jennings to apply for the permanent assistant principal position.

Next year will be the first since 1993 that Jennings—a technology teacher at Mount Hebron who has worked in the district for 19 years—will not be head coach of the varsity boys basketball team. 

Also on Tuesday night, Hoover announced a suspension of Morra's pay pending an investigation into "recent activities." The suspension will continue while the school board figures out its next move in the case.

Early last month, the school board voted to terminate Morra's position as assistant principal of Mount Hebron Middle School and return her to a teaching position in the district.

Montclair school district officials confirmed that the central office was investigating Morra to determine whether she enrolled her children in Montclair schools using a Montclair mailing address that is actually part of the Little Falls school district.

Hoover had recommended the demotion of Morra, who had held the $115,000-a-year assistant principal position for two years. She was due to return to her previous job as a technology teacher at Mount Hebron. Morra maintains that former Superintendent Dr. Frank Alvarez gave her verbal approval to send her children to Montclair schools.

Alvarez has denied the claim.

At Tuesday night's school board meeting, members of the public stood up to speak out both for and against Morra.

Resident Norma Tassy said Morra needs to be removed from the district completely, calling her actions a "theft of service."

She said it's highly likely that other district employees are also sending their children to Montclair schools illegally.

"I hope the board will study this matter," she said.

But resident Mary Rourke stood up to voice support for Morra.

"I would like everyone to keep track of her entire contribution," she said, noting Morra's many years of service to the district.

Morra's attorney also spoke, saying that he believed Morra was being tried in the court of public opinion before all the facts are known.

Also during the meeting, the school board voted in favor of a resolution accepting an out-of-district student at Montclair High School, the child of staff member Helen Kuryllo.

According to the resolution, Kuryllo will be required to pay $12,952.

School board members reiterated that anyone living outside the district has to apply and get permission—and pay the required tuition—before their children can attend a Montclair school. Hoover emphasized that no preferences are given to the children of district employees. He also said that no out-of-district child is accepted unless there is space available.

In his remarks, Hoover reported that 100 more students would be entering the school district this fall, making things "tight" at the elementary and middle school levels.

He said he has visited every school in town and that all are ready for a successful new school year.

Early Wednesday, Hoover sent out the following email blast to all Mount Hebron parents/caregivers:

I am happy to announce that Mr. Major Jennings has been appointed Acting Assistant Principal of Mt. Hebron Middle School by the Montclair Board of Education at their September 4, 2012 Board of Education meeting. Mr. Jennings brings a wealth of experience to this position as he is a 20-year veteran of the Montclair Public Schools. In addition, he has served in this capacity on two prior occasions.

Mr. Jennings is eager to continue the positive work that has been started at Mt. Hebron. Prior to accepting this assignment, Mr. Jennings was a technology teacher at Mr. Hebron.

Our search for a principal continues, but please be assured that you are in good hands with Ms. Terry Trigg-Scales as the Interim Principal. The district is taking all steps to ensure a smooth and successful school year.

Your patience is much appreciated.


Walter P. Springer September 09, 2012 at 06:15 PM
dherron – Your assumptions, suppositions, presumptions, ideas, guesses and vivid imagination combined with half-truths, convenient facts and blatant misinformation presents biased and misguided opinions on this site. Mix all this with some cut and pasting of state statutes, partial quotes and parsing of words and what you present here is divisive, dishonest, mis-informative and certainly not helpful. Freedom of speech is a great right we have as Americans and I am exercising that right here. I will detail your traits and style in my response to your latest post. You answered my questions in your post as follows: (3 parts)
Walter P. Springer September 09, 2012 at 06:16 PM
(Part 2) 1. You do not have a child at MHMS, 2. You have attended a MHMS PTA meeting HOWEVER you have not attended a MHMS PTA meeting in the last three years that I have been actively involved. Here you are saying yes I have attended a PTA meeting at MHMS knowing that you have not been involved with MHMS in over 3 years at best (Convenient fact, dishonest). 3. You are totally incorrect in your posted statement that at the August 6th BOE meeting, a PTA executive spoke who supported Mrs. Morra’s position in the residence matter (Assumptive, Dishonest and vivid imagination). At the August 6, 2012 meeting, parents from MHMS spoke in the public forum about the excellent work Mrs. Morra did in developing the re-imagining of MHMS. The parents that spoke in public did not comment on Mrs. Morra remaining in her position or take a position on the Sam Morra residence issue, yet you posted that they did (Here you are dishonest and posting mis-information). The MHMS PTA did not take an official position on the Samantha Morra residence issue. This issue is not a decision for our organization. The details and facts of Mrs. Morra’s issue were first revealed to the public at the August 6th meeting. You state in your post that at this meeting MHMS parents publicly defended Mrs. Morra’s position (Vivid imagination).
Walter P. Springer September 09, 2012 at 06:24 PM
(Part 3) You also have asked me a series of questions about the PTA’s position in support of Morra, other questions related to this issue, PTA etc. All of these questions illustrate your presumptive thinking. I am PTA President at MHMS. The PTA’s role is to support the educational efforts of every student, family, teacher and administrative staff member at our school. You are a casual and uninformed observer of the happenings at MHMS. Your interest in MHMS is based on the controversial topics that have taken place over the last few months. Your interest and comments on MHMS are to enhance your profile on this site. I see no benefit to the MHMS community in answering any of these questions. dherron – If you like you may have the last word here because I have spent too much valuable time on this. Walter P. Springer
MontclairPTAMom September 10, 2012 at 03:27 AM
dherron you state," A driver’s license should be the town where you reside, according to the DMV". To whom did you speak at the DMV? From the website, it appears the only change in addresses that are no longer acceptable are P.O. boxes. However, according to the NJDMV website, there are many forms of identification one may use for proof of address. Please check this link: http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/pdf/Licenses/ident_ver_posterpint.pdf This shows the DMV accepts MANY different documents for "proof of address". Many of which would legitimately have the town of Montclair for Ms. Morra as it is her mailing address. Did you actually speak to someone at the DMV? Is there a policy that they do not publish on their website? Also why would someone submit a document with their LF address if they were trying to fool, trick or mislead the Registrar, especially when they have many forms of ID with Montclair on them? This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Whatever Ms Morra did, it is clear she did not mislead the Registrar at the BOE.
MontclairPTAMom September 10, 2012 at 03:44 AM
As far as residents who do not know (or seem to care) about MHMS students, maybe you should ask some MHMS students if they feel as though their technology experience is on par with that at the other MSs. You might also look at the the minutes from all of the BOE meetings last year where this was publicly discussed at length. The lack of enrollment was discussed and found to be the result of (1) Dr Alvarez placing many (I believe 75) students out of MHMS and into Glenfield MS at the last minute last August (although he had promised not to do so the previous spring) and (2) the perception that MHMS was not as good as the other MSs.
MontclairPTAMom September 10, 2012 at 03:44 AM
If you go through these minutes, you will also see where the BOE commits to bringing MHMS up to speed, commits to spend a lot of money to bring their technology closer to parity and repeatedly commends the MHMS PTA for its efforts, which include involving more parents than ever before. You might also notice that Ms. Morra was present at all these meetings and had most questions deferred to her. You might also notice that Ms. Morra went to great lengths to include as many people as possible when she was charged with gathering information which was also noted and commended by the BOE. Although much of what I have said about MHMS is based on my student's and their peers' current experience and can be considered subjective, there is a lot of objective information that can be verified. Shelley/Andrew - if you attended these meetings last year, is this consistent with what you saw?
MontclairPTAMom September 10, 2012 at 03:52 AM
As far as whether Montclairians who do not have children who are students at MHMS and why they should care - most people in town believe that their property values are a function of the quality of the school system. If one school brings this perception down, it hurts everyone who owns a home here. There is also the "fairness" argument that is all the more compelling given that MHMS has a substantially higher proportion of minority, title 1 and and special needs students than the other MSs. This has been a trend for quite some time. These statistics can be verified by the BOE. Some say this is why the school has been neglected by the BOE and has fallen behind the others. This is unacceptable in Montclair or anywhere else. As the former head of the NAACP, dherron, I would hope you would agree.
MontclairPTAMom September 10, 2012 at 03:58 AM
dherron, you say, "School reforms and improvements should never hinge on one person". You are correct, but if the person who was functionally making the changes happen is suddenly not there, they need to be replaced. Ms. Morra performed the functions of several people and needs to be replaced by several people. Many of her functions including revamping scheduling, adding new curriculum, scheduling students and implementing all that new technology have not been done. The BOE needs to hire the requisite people to do so, the sooner the better.
A. Gideon September 11, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Mr. Springer: While we've met and spoken, I don't know you well. This is, therefore, somewhat presumptuous of me. Yet I feel it necessary to point out that your attacks on dherron appear, to me, unseemly. I have no knowledge of Mrs. Morra, but the idea of anyone stealing service from the district is something I do take personally. That a district employee would do so is - or should be - unthinkable. Others have mentioned that the district has a mechanism for anonymous reporting of this crime. Dherron could have done this, but instead chose to put a public face forward. That's commendable; there are too many people so fearful of the consequences that they're afraid to step forward with some information - of this sort or something else - that would be useful for us as a district to know. I understand this; who wants their children exposed to reprisals for actions we take? The responses that I've been seeing first from MontclairPTAMom and now from you only serve to further that culture of fear. I don't believe that this serves any of us. More, the posts by MontclairPTAMom and - to a lessor degree - yourself do lend credibility to the idea that the MH PTA continues to support Mrs. Morra despite the theft of services that has occurred. How can it possibly serve our children to teach them that "crime pays" or "perks are permitted to circumvent the law"? Do we really want kids seeing that, if one is sufficiently important, the rules don't apply? ...Andrew
frank rubacky September 12, 2012 at 02:11 AM
I'm actually kind of amazed by this whole charade as I think the new BoE just shot itself in the foot. If tuition reimbursement is only based on the average direct costs, then the recent acceptance of an employee's out-of-district student (for direct cost only) is, at best, cost neutral to Montclair. Since incremental revenue is not the justification, then this has to be classified as a perk - with no established, written policy for granting. So, what difference does it make whether the BoE approves a one-off perk under this procedure or some administrator does? The lawyers will literally and figuratively "go to town" on this. Settle and package (pay) her out now.
A. Cathy Hawley September 12, 2012 at 04:56 AM
Part 1 Wow…what else might be going on here. MontclairPTAMom certainly is throwing her support behind Mrs. Morra so much so that it has thrown up red flags. Makes you wonder. A theft was committed and as such it should properly be dealt with. If one stole a car and got caught what would happen to the thief? If a cashier put their hand in the cash draw and helped themselves they would be fired; so why is Mrs. Morra getting what I perceive to be “special treatment”. She should be sent packing. Yes, the street grapevine is alive and well. All that comes through the grapevine is not untruths. Some of what folks hear has merit to it. You do not need to have children in the school system to be concerned with what takes place in our schools and at central office. The biggest portion of our tax bill goes to the schools so why wouldn’t a resident be concerned how the tax dollars are being spent. The higher the tab the deeper we have to dig into our pockets. I’m surprised by Mr. Springer’s attack on dherron. One does not need to have a child at MHMS and/or attend a PTA meeting in order to be concerned. He is a concerned resident and that should be enough. I wonder if Mr. Springer would have looked the other way had he been elected to township council. Oops, make you wonder.
A. Cathy Hawley September 12, 2012 at 04:58 AM
Part 2 At their last meeting the BOE gave approval for yet another staff member’s child to attend our schools at a cost of $12,952.00. Seems as though this is a reduced tuition. More importantly is – Why isn’t this child attending school in their own town? It is my understanding that the teacher lives in Verona and the student will be a junior. So if this is true than why would you transfer a student in their junior year (not like you moved a distance from his school)? Was this student already here and so not to be in the same situation as Mrs. Morra you now ask for permission; is student in a sports program that is rated higher than at the school he should be attending giving him a better chance to get a scholarship; is this student expelled from his home district; what is the compelling reason (other than a perk) for allowing this student into the Montclair system? As for the non-resident students caught last school year and any caught this school year, they all should be made to reimburse the district. Once word gets out that if caught YOU Will have to reimburse the district, a lot of this will stop. Also, when they go out to check and verify a child’s residency they shouldn’t just go to that particular home they should also check with neighbors to ascertain if the child lives at the given address. Folks let’s stay focused on the thief that occurred and the restitution of tax dollar
A. Gideon September 12, 2012 at 05:08 PM
"Since incremental revenue is not the justification, then this has to be classified as a perk - with no established, written policy for granting. So, what difference does it make whether the BoE approves a one-off perk under this procedure or some administrator does?" As I understand it, there are rules. One is that the BOE - not an administrator - must approve the new student. That did not occur in this case. Another is, as you point out, that the family must cover the cost (though I hope it goes beyond mere *direct* costs, that is a separate matter). Mrs. Morra was not paying that fee. I cannot say how often, or in what cases, the BOE chooses to approve these requests. I know that, unlike some NJ districts, we don't generally solicit students from outside (though I believe that some are hoping to change this as a potentia revenue source). So are we only offering this to district employees? Perhaps. If so, it's clearly a nice perk. But the perk - if so - is merely the option to attend. The costs are still covered by the student's family. And the process still requires BOE approval, at least as this has been described to us. ...Andrew
dherron September 12, 2012 at 08:56 PM
Perhaps Mr. Springer forgot to answer this question, so I will pose it again. You resigned your position when you ran for the town council in the spring of 2012, when did you become the PTA president, "again," and how. Was there an election. Why does Mt. Hebron have 3 Co-Presidents of the PTA, when it is against the State and National PTA to have 3 Co-Presidents?
Crafty Spiker September 12, 2012 at 09:20 PM
Walter: which part of "theft of services" are you having a problem with? There is no need for any agenda or any talking points. Theft is theft.
frank rubacky September 13, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Andrew, If it is cost neutral, then you need two accounting entries - one in revenues and another offsetting entry in compensation. Otherwise, it costs the taxpayers $13,000/yr. As a small aside, I never understood why the registrar needed two forms of identification to register an out-of-district pupil.
A. Gideon September 13, 2012 at 05:00 PM
"If it is cost neutral, then you need two accounting entries - one in revenues and another offsetting entry in compensation. Otherwise, it costs the taxpayers $13,000/yr." I'm not following this. I agree with the revenue entry. But the costs associated with a single student aren't collected into a single line item. Also, recall that some costs are discontinuous. They don't increase for every student, but instead for every N students. But one cannot simply assign the increment only to every Nth student. "As a small aside, I never understood why the registrar needed two forms of identification to register an out-of-district pupil." Why does the DMV use its six-point mechanism? I'm sure it made some sense to some administrator at some time. ...Andrew
frank rubacky September 13, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Then it would be an overhead (indirect) cost. As the BOE has already set a per pupil tuition cost, it is a direct cost. The BOE has implied this is cost neutral, so some accounting entry has to be made so that the schools don't spend this misc income. The offsetting entry should either be under employee compensation or a contra account. I'm sure there are pluses and minuses to which accounting method to use.
A. Gideon September 13, 2012 at 06:28 PM
"The BOE has implied this is cost neutral, so some accounting entry has to be made so that the schools don't spend this misc income." Ah! Now, I understand your point. I agree completely, assuming that we continue to aim for "revenue neutral". However, given the discontinuous nature of many of the budget's line items, I'm not exactly sure how this should be done. It would be an interesting question to ask at some BOE meeting, but the answer is probably too detailed for that venue. Perhaps the BOE will arrange for a Q&A session with the new business administrator at some point. With regard to "revenue neutral": My understanding is that at least one of the "revenue enhancement" targets has been to have the district become a district of choice for a certain class of special education student. In that case, we must aim for more than just "revenue neutral". ...Andrew
A. Gideon September 13, 2012 at 06:36 PM
"The BOE has implied this is cost neutral, so some accounting entry has to be made so that the schools don't spend this misc income." It occurs to me, BTW, that this issue goes well beyond this one cost and revenue source. Let's take a simplified example, where we've two classes of 15 students. We've two classes of 15 students because we consider 30 students too many for a single classroom. But this means that we can take 15 additional students before our cost for hiring teachers changes. Over the years, the cost for hiring teachers remains constant even as the number of students creeps up from 30 to 58. Do we report that the per-student cost of the district is dropping? At 59 students, we suddenly need another teacher. Do we report that the per-student cost of the district has suddenly increased? ...Andrew
MontclairPTAMom September 14, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Andrew and A Cathy: I am one parent with one opinion. I do not speak for the PTA. For that matter, the PTA does not, as an organization, speak on this type of issue at all. It has never been discussed at a PTA meeting. It is an opinion that is shared by many parents. Ms Morra has been dragged through the mud by people who have an agenda. It is the same agenda as many of the teachers at MHMS - don't make any changes that would make us work harder. Ms. Triggs-Scales said it the best at the MHMS SAT meeting a few nights ago,"the thing that is most special at MHMS is how the teachers care about each other". Please note that it was not that the teachers are dedicated to excellence in education or dedicated to their students, but to each other. Ms. Morra was dedicated to those things and was driven out. I have seen her in action around the school and have noticed that her level of dedication to THE STUDENTS far surpassed that of anyone else there. I believe that Dr Alvarez approved her sending her children to the Montclair schools. I do not believe she intended to steal services or did.
MontclairPTAMom September 14, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Dherron and A Cathy you both now attack Walter Springer and question his motives and behavior. Walter has spent an enormous amount of time and energy doing many things around this community for the all children and students here. He is a person who has always behaved with the utmost integrity. He ran for office to serve his community and make it a better place. It is extremely disappointing that you would publicly make snide comments and accuse him of being dishonorable. A Cathy, you don't seem to be interested in the financial impact on the town from the 97 students who were caught last year. Do you think they should pay restitution? It sure did cost Montclair a lot of money. DHerron and A Cathy do you think all students should re-register every year to keep all out of district students out of our schools?
MontclairPTAMom September 14, 2012 at 06:49 PM
At the MHMS SAT meeting, Ms Trigg-Scales indicated that she would not work towards implimenting the (promised by the former administration, central office and BOE) schedule changes (40 min block electives, increased elective choice etc). She only committed to staying at MHMS until Nov 1. This means that the earliest these changes could possibly take place would be September 2013. Ms Triggs-Scales also stated that she did not think such a difficult schedule was possible to impliment at MHMS and parents and teachers should be surveyed and a new mission statement drafted. The MHMS proposed MHMS schedule is less complicated than the Glenfield's schedule. Why can't it be done at MHMS? This would put the changes back to September 2014 at the earliest despite that students, parents and teacher s were surveyed exhaustively last year. Again, who is the winner? The very comfortable teachers.
MontclairPTAMom September 14, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Major Jennings is a lovely man. He has spent many years at MHMS. If the BOE would like to promote him to AP, I suggest he be placed at a different school. He is well-liked by students AND the teachers. MHMS needs changes. He is the wrong person to be put in a position responsible for changes at this school. The BOE was unable to find an appropriate principal for MHMS and will soon begin their search again. I strongly urge them to find a leader from outside MHMS and outside the district who is experienced with bringing change - a leader who can inspire and motivate teachers to move forward and document and fire those teachers who refuse. The students deserve it.
dherron September 15, 2012 at 11:20 AM
MontclalirPTAMom wrote: “Dherron and A Cathy you both now attack Walter Springer and question his motives and behavior,” Please get real. Are you not following this same blog? Did you not see Walter Springer’s posts addressing Dherron, how could you miss it, because it was a three-part post. He attacked and blasted Dherron first, repeatedly. Yep even called Dherron dishonest-5 times. So, now I really do get it. In your opinion, it is ok for Springer to call someone else dishonest, or a lair, (yep, he called another poster a lair), but no one can dare question Springer’s motives. Get real. As far as snide remarks-nope, my comments were neither malicious nor sarcastic, but there were very pointed and in your face, just like Springer’s questions were to me. So if you can’t take the heat,,,, well you know how it goes. Wannabe politicians should always pick their battles, carefully. Springer's posts calls into question his roles in the PTA, the Moora mess and other happenings at Mt Hebron. And those questions about Walter Springer’s role with the PTA and his Presidency needs to be answered. How did Springer become president of the PTA after he had resigned from the PTA to run for public office? Still waiting for an honest answer, and yes it does speak to ones integrity. Won’t wait forever. Clock is ticking.
A. Cathy Hawley September 15, 2012 at 11:48 AM
MontclairPTAMom…You have a lot to say and it appears you are scanning and not reading thoroughly the post. You state “It is extremely disappointing that you would publicly make snide comments and accuse him of being dishonorable. A Cathy, you don't seem to be interested in the financial impact on the town from the 97 students who were caught last year. Do you think they should pay restitution?” I did not attack Mr. Springer I merely asked a question. Let me remind you it was Mr. Springer that cast the first snide comments. Did you forget he referred to dhrrn (a concerned resident) as being dishonest and referred to another poster as being a liar? I guess those are not snide remarks. Let me say not only do I question the BOE spending I have been attending Council Meetings since the 80’s, and I speak out about the disregard of how the tax dollars are spent and how dollars can be saved. I am very concerned about the financial impact of all dollars being spend whether through the BOE or on the municipal side. First of all I said the students from last year and any found this year that are out of district SHOULD be made to reimburse the district. I’m real clear about this. I don’t pay high taxes to educate out-of-district students. If the PTA was aware of Out-of-District students last year, then I ask How come it was not made public by the PTA.
A. Cathy Hawley September 15, 2012 at 11:49 AM
MontclairPTAMom - You stated Dr. Alvarez transferred students down to Glenfield and that the schools are not balanced, again how come no out-cry from the PTA. Montclair is still under a Desegregation Order, so perhaps the Feds should come in and take a look at the Montclair School System to ascertain if in fact they are meeting the mandate of the Order. Third I do not recall mentioning Mrs. Triggs-Scales in any of my post so why is she now in the mix unless it is to divert attention away from the subject at hand – Mrs. Morra. Since you feel that people have an agenda let me make myself clear on this…I don’t have an agenda, my youngest child graduated from MHS in 1994, and if making certain that my tax dollars are spent on Montclair students than I guess YOU would consider me as having an agenda. Again, let’s keep focused on the issue at hand that being students that are from Out-of-District, and who are children of a Montclair School Administrator, received educational benefits at the cost to Montclair Tax Payers. Last, if you are not speaking for the PTA than perhaps you can use your given name instead of posting under a pen name (don’t really want to say pseudonym) thus eliminating the assumption you are speaking for the PTA.
dherron September 15, 2012 at 11:50 AM
There are changes at Mt Hebron, which were promised, yet not implemented. Not sure what those changes entail. But, I suspect the moving force behind those changes were the PTA. What are the changes being requested, and how do they fit the current theme of the Mt Hebron magnet. Do they change the magnet in substantial ways and can they be accomplished. If the “promised changes” affect the entire school, (such as curriculum, schedules, and staffing), as your posts suggest, then those changes would also have an affect on the other middle schools, as parents select their kids middle school experience. Sweeping changes to a Magnet School would need to be done in a broader community conversation. If those changes are school affecting, then we need to create a win-win scenario, and we don’t seem to be there yet. Welcome to my world. Montclair continues to be under a deseg order and its Magnets are an integral part of that plan. “Ms Triggs-Scales also stated that she did not think such a difficult schedule was possible to implement at MHMS and parents and teachers should be surveyed and a new mission statement drafted.” This is wise advice from a seasoned administrator, who has been in Montclair from the start. We do need to listen to someone who has both knowledge and experience with our magnet program.
dherron September 15, 2012 at 12:18 PM
Interesting choice of words-“Ms. Morra has been dragged through the mud by people who have an agenda,” is basically an untruth. Morra was dragged through the mud, by her actions. If Morra is in the mud, she climbed into the mud when she decided to bring her kids to Montclair. She is not a victim here. She committed an act she should not have committed, and she has to answer for that. She only has herself to blame. To suggest that people are after Morra, or have an agenda to shield teacher from working hard in their chosen profession, is just plan silly. Morra was not “driven out,” she is being made to answer for her actions, period. Whether she was a good administrator; that probably, like all jobs; depends on whom you ask. That however, is not my issue. If someone else helped her by giving her permission, they too should be held accountable and must face a similar fate.
dherron September 16, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Mr Springer posted-"I am PTA President at MHMS. How is that possible. Springer resigned his position when he ran for the Montclair Town Council. How can he now be the PTA president. Was there a "secret election." Honest people need to honestly answer the question, Mr. Springer. Time is running out.


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