Montclair State Covers Archaeology Dig at Clark House [Video]

Sit back and watch university students film and feature the excavation this weekend in 'Inside MSU.'

Montclair State Univesrity students recently teamed up with the local Historical Society to dig into Montclair's long past.  

Students in the archaeological department conducted a minor excavation of the property behind the Clark House on Orange Road this weekend. 

Covering the dig was Montclair State student Monica Adams for "Inside MSU," a television news feature which is part of the university's new School of Communication and Media.

The Historical Society — comprised of the Clark House, Israel Crane House and Nathaniel Crane farmhouse — is located on some of the first English farmland in Montclair, dating back to the turn of the 17th century. 

“It seemed to me the land was ripe for exploration,” said Executive Director of the Historical Society Jane Eliasof on Friday, “and it was just a matter of finding it.”


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