Parents Lean Helpful Tips at Safety Palooza

Nishuane School hosted the first ever event this week to coincide with Safety Month.


Safety Month was celebrated at Nishuane Elementary School Wednesday with the first ever Safety Palooza.  

The event was an opportunity for the parents to get some helpful safety tips. It was put on by the parent-run School Action Team.

Guy Whitlock, director of special projects for the district, spoke about the state’s Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Law. Whitlock reassured parents that although very young children would now rarely encounter many of the harassment issues outlined in the law, it is still important to be vigilant and understand the repercussions of aggressive behavior.

Guidence counselor Amillah Williamson suggested parents monitor their children’s computer activity and discuss “stranger danger.”

Montclair Fire and Police department representatives also stopped by and provided helpful information about the dangers that children can face and some practical tips to help parents.

"Nishuane's School Action Team was excited to provide the opportunity for families to learn more about how to better protect their children," said Wendy Lacey, co-chairwoman of the School Action Team for Partnerships. "Safety is everyone's top priority, and we look forward to building on this event in the future!"



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