Proposal for School Action Teams Raises Some Concerns

Proposed guidelines for School Action Team for Partnerships presented at last week's Board of Education meeting.

Written By Jennifer Goldberg

A guide proposed last week for School Action Team for Partnerships (SATP) to be followed in Montclair schools going forward was met with some parent skepticism.

School Action Team for Partnerships is a program that engages families and promotes academic, social and emotional growth as well as learning at home.

The proposal made at last Monday's Board of Education meeting calls for action teams moving forward to include a principal, three to five teachers, four to seven family representatives and one or two community partners, according to the Montclair Times.

In cases like Montclair High and the three middle schools, there would also be one or two students included on each team, the Times reported. 

The teams, which have been active for seven years, should also boast racial, ethnic, gender and socioeconomic diversity, according to the Times.

Membership into the committee requires training by the district, and community parents may only serve two years through this program.

Although this program empowers diverse voices in the community, some parents expressed concerns.

“Regulations are extremely controlling from the top-down," one parent said. 


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