Watchung’s 3rd Annual Science Summit An 'Explosion' of Success

Take a look at the photos and see some of the experiments and projects students were able to get involved with.

The halls of Watchung Elementary School, Montclair’s science and technology magnet, were transformed into science exhibitions worthy of the Liberty Science Center. In its 3rd year, Watchung’s Science Summit continues to show students just how much fun and exciting science can be.

A life size medieval catapult launched tennis balls hundreds of feet in the air, a pendulum drawing machine with mathematically derived patterns showed the intersection between science and art, a 3-D printer demonstration, and many chemical reactions popped, fizzed and foamed to the delight of students. It was a day of interactive science experiments aimed to surprise and inspire.

“The summit has grown exponentially,” said Stephanie Troeller, science summit chair. “This year we had 12 parent scientists, more than 20 experiments, and 60 students from Glenfield, Mt. Hebron and Renaissance middle schools to volunteer as aids— a true community effort.”

All exhibitions were designed and led by Watchung parents who are professional scientists, engineers, mathematicians and inventors. Watchung teachers led classroom discussions on the science behind each experiment, including:

  • Life Size Trebuchet
  • Cartesian Robots
  • 3-D Printing
  • Three Pendulum Harmonograph
  • Spirograph Tables
  • Coding Finch Robots
  • Mind Bending Math & Logic Games
  • Microscopic World at Work
  • Dr. Seuss Science
  • Bristlebots, Bouncing Bubbles, Elephant’s Toothpaste and Ice Cream in a Bag

“The science summit truly captures our school’s vision to inspire students to become critical thinkers,” said Joseph Schmidt, Watchung principal. “I am proud of our PTA and staff for infusing a lifetime of love for science in our students.”

This press release and photos were submitted to Patch. 


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