Working on Yearbook 2011

This is by Clara Schiller, 5th Grader at Edgemont Montessori School

I am in the fifth grade at Edgemont Montessori School. Every year the fifth graders at Edgemont have a yearbook. The past few years the kids started creating the yearbook themselves with the help of some parents.

This year, I signed up to work on the yearbook committee as part of Edgemont’s After School Enrichment Program. Our instructor was Suzanne Ball, who is my friend's mom. I knew from being at her house that Suzanne knew how to take control and get everyone to listen to her.

Working on the yearbook was a very exciting and enjoyable experience. I was in charge of the student and staff biographies. My job included collecting and typing up all the kids' and teachers' biographies. When all the bio sheets were collected and finished, I worked on finding and cleaning up Google images for the student pages. One of the many things I learned in yearbook was how to use Photoshop. 

A great thing about the yearbook was the individual attention Suzanne gave to all the kids. She would spend time helping each kid, and really explaining  how the process worked. Another best part of working on the yearbook was being on a committee with some of my best friends, so the atmosphere around me was always joyful. I got to collaborate with good friends such as Sandy, who was in charge of designing pages, and Deja, who was in charge of  baby photos. There were so many friends around, and that made it very enjoyable.

I really loved working on this yearbook and I think the end product  will turn out great. This will be a memory of the terrific six years we had together here at the wonderful Edgemont Montessori School. I just want to thank all my friends who helped, and  I especially want to thank Suzanne for all the hard work she did and her patience with a group of 14 fifth graders.

Izzy May 07, 2011 at 06:20 PM
clara that was very good. from suzanne ball and izzy ( her daughter)


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