Adopt Today: Two Adorable Kittens Are Better Than One!

Check out Frankie and his sister Snuggles.


Frankie is at the head of his class at the Montclair Animal Shelter along with his lookalike sister, Snuggles.

At three years old, he especially excels in arithmetic. He's done his homework and reports that the perfect equation would be someone adopting both him and Snuggles. Two kitties > one kitty! Everyone knows that's basic math!

Can you be the one to teach them these adorable siblings the ABCs of life in a permanent home? Jump on the bus and get to the shelter before the bell rings.

Learn firsthand how Frankie and Snuggles always get straight As in affection, cuteness, and charm.

The Montclair Animal Shelter is at 77 North Willow Street. For more information go here.


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